Sunday, September 21

Understanding the Indigos and Crystals

Uploaded on Jun 24, 2008

Who are they?
How are they?
What the world needs to know.


Leonard Cohen talks about the poetic mind, 1966: CBC Archives


Uploaded on Apr 6, 2010
In this clip from 1966, a young Leonard Cohen explores the roots of his poetry with CBC-TV
host Adrienne Clarkson. In this excerpt from Take 30, Cohen rejects the notion of artistic posterity and says "I'm not interested in an insurance plan for my work". For more classic clips, go to


Even though, Love is everywhere, like air; just hug it with your awareness turned ON.

 (Updated September 22,  2014 by Don)
Headaches are not part of my life story, but I have one now, that is interrupting my peace. On and off for more than 12 hours now. a)  I never ever liked pain. b)  I’m truly aspiring for Heaven now.
c)  I’ve been asking God and he replies instantly “Not yet Don.”
d)  I like the idea of leaving and always have.
e) Even though, Love is everywhere, like air; you have to turn-up your "awareness knob" and then pull-in and not push aside the power of His loving hugs. Hugs, it is scientifically established, do increase the oxytocin levels in our blood; which magically it seems, turn us to loving everyone.   
f)  So just hug it with your awareness turned fully "on".
g)  Now you know how easy it is to be... a part of the power of Love...which is...  

"The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You."