Thursday, May 18

Nature - A Murder of Crows (Full Documentary)

Crows (Full Documentary)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"

I like this song

Love (Human Psychology Documentary) - Real Stories - Comments by Don Wesley

Comments by Don Wesley

I loved my soulmate.

Denise Wesley /|\                  /|\     

Doctor Lundell told me she would Kill me.

Michael helped her

Don Wesley


The Dangerous Few (Psychology Documentary) - Real Story - Comments By Don Wesley

Part of the few are in my Family.

It took me many years to understand how dangerous they are.

Doctor Lundell helped me understand:
But I didn't fully understand that "dangerous is a spectrum"

The Dangerous Few

The Secret Routes of Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds

Incredible video camera flying with the birds in the sky

Flying with the birds in the sky

The Silent Epidemic Part 2

The Silent Epidemic

What does this mean

What does this mean

Policing ?

A successful System for Canada to use:
For the Missing women problem

(Problem Oriented Policing)