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God is the Name we use to explain the Mystery Mind and the Story-Bible

February 1, 2016
Write only when you feel a powerful need to write: soon after exploring for what seems to be a very long time. Between these writing times, just show up and remind your friends you are still alive and love them and say Until Soon!
I always Love; but often feel frustrated by all the Evil [lies] that corrupts our Lives.

God is the name We use to explain the "Mystery Mind" (an Axiom)

For many, these are not profound thoughts; because it seems that something designed and built the complex Universe: we are told exists by those using instruments most of us have never used.

Too many folks think that scientists invent new wonderful things and we watch them to entertain ourselves.

Is there ever a time when we must choose who to murder; this is a profound thought; we need to really think about.
Use a philosophical method to think and decide. Like murder one to save five!  A doctor may have to decide!

I prefer to accept an axiom that says we can start with the belief that God [the reality] does exist.

Then we can use science to explore what we think exists and offer a mathematic explanation.

Most scientists fail to find anything and some accept using a lie they made up and then feel shame. Shame can cause a person to commit suicide. It is said, that 70 percent of Christians feel shame,  in North America.

I personally have been injured physically and psychically; which is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My Family Doctor said, to the Ministry of Transportation, that this was caused by my separation from my wife. She took everything I owned that was valuable; to do this she had to lie.
The Court Lawyer used her lies and this caused me one more Injury,  called Legal Abuse Syndrome and is what corruption and embezzlement is all about.  

So the Devils evil lies  explain a lot and keep ideas simple to explain. Where the devil exists we know God is also alive!

These brilliant people are often said to be...
"Bi-Polar ~ Mentally Sick." I prefer not corrupting the minds of many of our close friends; so never Lie because it ruins your Life

If some of us are not inclined to use simple math; please feel welcome to write [complex] essays about how they feel about having a Father, who they trust and is so very kind.

Maybe, by using common sense, we will help other lonely men, women and children notice God; and who is [maybe] from another universe and He communicates with us wirelessly. [The old name The Holly Spirit]

Trust Him and use the wisdom he provides you and me.
He apparently has in the past told a few who got to talk with him, that He will, with his two sons live in us: if we believe Him and follow his Commands [Simple Sentences] that make us think [and unconsciously cogitate]

Apparently, His two sons have the names Lucifer and Christ.
I chose, [as a child] that the Story-Bible is very a powerful allegory which we can improve as we discover more about the His Mysterious Mind.  In the Story-Bible [the book of "Job"] Job himself had a long argument with God himself.   

God has told us to ignore His first Son, he sent to live and guide us. He has also told a few [long ago], that his second son, Christ has the "One Truth " about why God has arranged this one living universe we also live in!

When I was 19, in 1952, something had me experience a real "Out of Body" flying trip; an Extra Sensory Experience. [ESP] After I returned, my Mother [Helen Kerr] said my personality changed.
I have recently wondered, whether some other Universe, took over my human Body with another Mind.

Back in 1952, I also had been promoted to a Commissioned Officer under the Command of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth

Just recently [2015] ....
I found one more wonderful woman who also believed before me; as I now do. She helped me, just this past year, to better understand, what she calls "Gods Secrets"!
You can see and listen to her right Now: I found her lesson on YouTube.

I promise to keep exploring, using my intuition [by-passing scientific methods] the most interesting question of all; who is God.
Until soon
Don Wesley


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