Sunday, September 27

Saboteur 1942 Alfred Hitchcock Movies Full Length Action War Movie


Great old movie



Yesterday ~ The Beatles

The Key To God's Secrets - Finally.... God sent me to this Angel


The more good I do... the more the Devil shows up.
Finally God sent me to this Angel.... just a few minutes ago. He knows when we are ripe to receive. Then we are ready to teach.

Her explanations fit mine almost 100%.
It feels great to find her now. God we know,
allowed me to see Her Now.
My selfish flesh has been killed.

Don [Me] can see, hear and feel the other world.
I had killed all my flesh; some grew back again.

I can operate in both worlds now with "One" Mind. (Don 3/19/2015 - 03:37 AM)

What is the key to unlocking God's mysteries? Who does God make this key available to? And what is the consequence if we attempt to pry them open without the key?


The Unknown Secrets of the Bible - Documentary

Published on Aug 16, 2014
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Life here on Earth and in the Dark Matter



17 years ago  ~  Google's birthday

1965   ~  "Yesterday"