Wednesday, April 27

...AND GOD SMILED AT ME - He is sad... when we don't accept His Love


Smiles at Me ?
I Pray and hope He Does.

He Does for most everyone.

He is sad... when we don't accept 

His Love

Don W.

Abandoned Stable, off-grid - Becomes ....

Abandoned Stable, off-grid - Becomes

Luxurious family dream home 

Uploaded on Jan 30, 2012

When Carlos Alonso and his sister Camino (partners at Madrid architecture firm Ábaton) were looking for a country home for their extended family, they stumbled upon an abandoned stable in rural Extremadura, Spain and recognized it as a special place.
High on a hill and far from city water or an electrical grid, the crumbling cow shed was far from the conventional image of luxury estate, but Carlos and Camino could envision a transformation.
This part of the province of Cáceres (near the Portuguese (border) has been home to generations of cattle ranchers and the Alonsos recognized the wisdom those who came before them.
Building on the instinctual knowledge of the ranchers before them, the Alonsos preserved much of the old stable. The old watering trough became a fountain and interior patio where water now helps cool the home in summer. The hay loft above became bedrooms. The facade is still the original stone, though given the homes crumbling state, they were forced to add cement behind it.
Without access to the grid, the Alonsos added photovoltaics and hydro power and worked to ensure the home wouldn't use much energy. The original position of the stable worked to their favor. The southern exposure allows for the sun to be the main source of heat during the winter.
The Alonsos also added large wooden shutters that slide closed like a second skin, covering the large windows at night to trap in most of the home's daily solar heat gain.
The home was located far from city water, but perfectly positioned below two streams that flow year round. Since
there is no one else above the home on the mountain, the water is pure and can be used for drinking and bathing (after a simple filter and rest period).
Grey water is purified and the water is put back to use on the property for watering the fields. On those fields,
cattle still graze.
Even local rancher José Vicente Jiménez, whose family has worked this land for generations, is still here. His cattle graze the property and he clearly is pleased the Alonsos have rescued the old stable from certain ruin.

Ábaton Architecture:


God - Photons - Light - Electricity - The Golden Thread

Ending Energy Poverty 

The Worlds' Golden Production Chain


Published on Apr 26, 2016

Category - Education
Waterloo University Ontario.
TV - Ontario

The Agenda examines global energy poverty and how to end it.

As the 21st century enters its late teens and much of the
world has been transformed by digital technology, 1.1
billion people continue to live without access to
electricity. A further billion have unreliable access. The
United Nations has made one of its sustainable
development goals to provide reliable and modern
energy to all by 2030. Is this possible? How would it
transform lives and communities? Can global carbon
dioxide emissions targets and the need for mass
electrification be balanced? Is a clean energy
breakthrough required to meet this goal?


The Bible - Gospel, Guide, or Garbage

Understanding Jesus and Paul

NT Wright and Sean Kelly at Harvard University 

New Testament Scholar
and Theologian NT Wright
and Harvard Philosopher Sean Kelly

discuss one of history's most influential books at
The Veritas Forum at Harvard 2013.
Join us for a conversation on the interpretation of the New Testament
in a post-modern era,
moderated by Jay Harris, Dean of

Undergraduate Education and Harry Austryn Wolfson
Professor of Jewish Studies.

Published on Dec 21, 2013

The Bible:

Gospel, Guide, or Garbage? NT Wright and Sean Kelly at

Harvard University 

Harvard and MIT professors on faith and intellectual curiosity  

Forever Curious