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John Wesley Sermon: Thoughts on War and More




Mind over matter - Christ before Lucifer...

Mind over matter - Christ before Lucifer...

God over mind, matter: close and next to Him are Christ then Lucifer.
We are free to choose,
Don't follow Human Organizations. Follow your intuition.
Meditate [Think unconsciously]  then Vote quickly:  letting no-one interfere with your gift from God alone.
Watch out and be very aware,  of extroverted narcissistic evil Bullies.


We need strong men like John Wesley ....

Particle Physics is the study of manifested matter only.

Particle Physics is the study of manifested matter only; like Medical Doctors must only use to diagnose.

Mental Matter exists also ?

We seem to have found less than 1 percent of the
manifested matter that many say exists, in the whole Universe. Mental Matter, is dark light which maybe pure energy.  Wonderfully free!
Manifested Mental thoughts are amazing to study.

People will love you, and want more Hugs. You only need about 8 good hugs every day.

In my mind we can talk to God. We call this Mental Physics or Meta Physics. Deeply meditate all 24 hours you have available; even when you drive. Just avoid those who love Lucifer. 

Talk to God .  Talk also to His Second Son Christ and carefully ignore his first Son Lucifer.
God even allows you to argue with Him ~ Read the Story of Job, part of the great Bible Story. I still have my copy of the Bible Story for Children.  I was born in 1933.  

My second Son Steven, a Doctor (Psychiatrist) looks beyond simple matter. The real matter, that matters; is in our collective mind.  Mind over Matter!
We need more evidence from the dark energy. Doctors like my Son Steven need;  a special lecturing- place in every Church: Ancient, new and even in every pyramid still alive and without evil.   Let Doctors follow the evidence 
Think about the money we will save.  

I love all of you,
Don Wesley 1933

Steven - Canada
His Mom ~ Denise Wesley

Every thought, word and picture are mine alone. You may use them for educational purposes only. Just add my Identity Picture you see at the top.

Is God Temporal or Timeless ~ (Part 1 of 2) (William Lane Craig)

Is God Temporal or Timeless?

Uploaded on Jan 12, 2011

Robert Lawrence Kuhn (host of PBS' "Closer to Truth") asks William Lane Craig about God's personal relationship with time. Questions explored: If God is timeless how can He be active in the temporal world? Who is Soren Kierkegaard? Does it makes sense to talk about a timeless person? Does time affect God? Or does God affect time? Does God have a future? How does Evil and time effect one another? How does God work in time if He were in time? How does God work in time if He were timeless? How would God be in a tensed theory of time? How would God be in a tenseless theory of time?