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September 23 2015 What will happen ?

The Unquiet Dead within each of us.

How medical doctors have it all wrong

White America Is 'Coming Apart'

Published on Apr 11, 2012
Peter Robinson talks to Charles Murray about America's failing civic culture. According to Murray, America's white working class has been "coming apart," and has been since the death of JFK. From he decline of marriage, to the lack of religious participation, to declining labor participation, could white working class men be falling even farther behind white upper class America? And could this change in American culture be exacerbating class differences?
Find out.

Pythagoras and Reincarnation

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Successful Families have One Set of Rules for all. ~ Dysfunctional Families have Rules for Each Member

Christ, the Son of God gave us one small set of rules to live by.
Narcissists  make up their own rules.

The Smear Campaign of the Narcissist

Take good care of yourself.

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Uploaded on Jan 28, 2012

The smear campaign of the narcissist can damage how others see you, and make it look, so others won't help you when you are being mistreated by the narcissist.

The abuser-narcissist  is now seen as the good guy,  and the victim is seen as the abuser.

This manipulation is truly harsh and horrible. Learn the red flags and avoid this treatment at all cost.