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The Satellite that Protects Itself

The Satellite that Protects

Leonard Cohen is Québécois

(1985 french interview)

Top 10 Richest Women In The World 2015

Published on Aug 17, 2015
10. Gina Rinehart: Gina Rinehart is an Australian. She has been a rich and successful woman, who inherited the wealth from her father who had discovered iron and coal deposits in caves of Australia. Gina owns several media companies as well.

9. Abigail Johnson: Abigail Johnson is another rich woman, the current President and the CEO of Fidelity Investments. Her net worth is estimated to be $13.4 billion. Besides this, she owns more than $ 1.6 billion that has been invested in overseas projects. She inherited most of her money from her father.

8. Johanna Quandt: Johanna was married to Herbert Quandt, a German businessman who had been controlling BMW. This lady inherited her wealth from the late husband who left this world back in 1982. Currently, Johanna is a board member of the company.

7. Anne Cox Chambers: Anne Cox Chambers has an estimated amount of $17 billion. This lady is the shareholder of the Cox Enterprises, a media company of USA. Also, she is an ambassador of Belgium.

6. Susanne Klatten : Susanne Klatten is the daughter of Johanna Quandt, and is one of the most successful female professionals in the world. Susanne has inherited her amount from her father, and is a rich woman of Germany. Klatten owns half of the BMW.

5. Laurene Powell Jobs: Laurene is Wife of late Steve Jobs, the Apple founder. She has a fortune worth $19.8 billion. Laurene is a well educated lady, having degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University.

4. Jacqueline Mars: Jacqueline Mars owns around $27.1 billion. She has obtained this amount from the Mars Candy company. Currently, she is controlling all the management of the company along with her brothers.

3. Alice Walton: Alice is one of the heirs to the Wal-Mart. She has spent much of her money for educational initiatives and donated to charities. She has been a broker of an investment organization.

2. Liliane Bettencourt: She owns a big share of L’Oreal, a cosmetic company. Her father founded L’Oreal, and she was put to work at the age of 15. Her estimated fortune is $40.7 billion. Liliane is married to Andre Bettencourt, French citizen.

1. Christy Walton: Christy Walton is another rich and famous woman in the world. She has inherited some of her wealth from the husband, John Walton. Her net worth is estimated to be $41.3 billion.

Trump and Humility

Humility does not mean to let other to step on our head but ...

a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness.
synonyms: modesty, humbleness, meekness, diffidence, unassertiveness;  etc..