Wednesday, December 26

Lessons to follow!

December 26, 2012, 5:00 PM
Dear old precious friend, I truly send you my love. Thank you for the Saudi News. I looked at your statement which is “The world is full of innjustice, you are not alone” And I thought. “No wonder the world is in trouble.” Everyone has known for thousands of years, That there is evil and suffering
And fear of death
in the world;
Even little children.

My opposing statement is -
 “When a person is a victim, He or she is alone, With no body helping.”
Non-sense is propaganda too; the devils!
People get sucked-in to watching the news,
And do nothing.
That is what the devil wants.

  The News, seen as dots,
Has a lot of potential information,
For those who can create more
Powerful information for
The Forensic Profilers.

The statement of truth must be,
The Question!
 Why is the world so blind and ignorant?”
Belonging to religions are also blind and ignorant.

“Whether God exists, or not?
The truth is,
Christ gave us the wisdom to know
Mistakes before we make them.
Christ came to destroy old religions. You old pal, like the friends of Job,
Know the difference
between helping and
Simply commenting!”
But we keep commenting as if it is the truth!

Ask what can, we create, That will act, to repair and
Be-not passive to
The evil aggression that keeps on repeating?
Let us remember, the hottest places
Are reserved for the passive.

On Christmas Day
 The Natives were blocking a
CN Railway Line, in
with their message. Where was our message, that reached many? Like me you are on Facebook! Did you, like the passive, just talk about you,
The Ego!

We all  [some] keep repeating the same mistakes; Which is the opposite of wisdom,
Acting like “Hate, instead of Sorrow”
We all hate, we are angry.
It is the anger of our crowds that give those,
Who govern, the power to kill.
Religions today have no Armies.
But Religions do have commentary,
which is not proven truth.

I remember it was the good you,
Who learned from your mistakes,
And got me to set up
My base camp,
here in
It was the good you who created your own
"Idle no More," movement.

We know old pal that one must always check
Into the so-called right brain b
 We make statements that support,

 The devils confusion.
Confusion creates fear or sleep. “Clarity and not confusion together with 
Love is the ultimate Plasma Power.”

There are many ideas we can use,
To be “Idle no more,” once again!

We cannot be several personalities, For all our different friends. “There is only one Truth, and too many stories which are lies.” You are either lying to me or to them.
Get one and travel to Wise!

  Very soon, most likely tonight,
I will post another story to my blog, with the title,

“Divorce, used as a tool to harm, Is a Crime, by Psychopaths.”

Lessons to follow!

 I pray the Lessons will be learned.
Give Your Help, 
Some way, to give the Lessons Legs!
most powerful