Friday, November 28

“Get” is the word we are thinking about

Hi, and welcome to think for a moment or two...  with me.
If this post looks like a Christmas Tree; it must be a gift about "getting" Love is the most popular word.

My name is Don.
Some one said to me, "You shouldn't add must." I thought about it all night long.  If learning isn't  arriving on time, someone will remind us; like the policeman who pulled you over.
We need to improve how we use the words we got. if the world is to get better than it is. What do you think?
If you want to enjoy life, it seems we need to get better than we are.
At least, I think we can get better with how we use words.
“Get” is the word we are thinking about

Get (divorce document) - From Wikipedia

They want more than we have to give
And they have plans to get it
The news we get is all about getting better or worse,


“Get” is the word we are thinking about
"The news must get better
The following will get better. This just a start.
We must do better
A team must do better
Who must get better, means improving someone.
Is the someone you.

I can get better if you help me.
“Get” is a word to think about
Get a better person to live with
Get rid of what you have got

We need to know more about getting
Do people get the same the “gets”
Look what I get
We need to  learn about getting
How do we get there
Is the space we occupy, part of the getting
We need to keep learning about getting

What do we get
Who can tell what to get

Are we free to get what we want to get
Living is about getting and removing
Using your time for the processing get actions.
When thoughts are what we need to get
Are there rules about getting

Finding where to get
Who has got it.
Where the get is to big.
Where the get is rare or far
After getting.. removing
Time to get
When to get

Get space to live and store
Learning about getting and removing actions
Knowing what to get  and remove.
Getting what we need to live

Protecting what we get
Learn how to get
Trading with others what we got
Where to get
Move to get better access.
We need to communicate
Don’t steal
Work to get
Alone or with someone"
“There are so many words in the English language that it’s not surprising that the definitions for some of them have gotten mixed up over the years. It’s possible that you’ve gone your entire life without realizing your
mistakes. I’m sure people have noticed. One day, you were probably walking down the street, casually chatting with an old friend, and one of these words slipped out of your mouth. Before you can move on to your story about how Mufasa would actually make a very attractive human, your friend stops to correct your error, and suddenly, your whole life starts to feel like one giant lie. How long have you been using that word incorrectly, you wonder?”


Most every one will admit, that they are good....

This is a true story

However, we don’t seem to be running a good world.
Measuring the goodness of a person is interesting to talk about.

A friend, who owned and managed a machine shop, supplied parts for the military.
His lathes made Special steel bullets that had to be very accurate to within 1 measure per 1000 of an inch. He met this requirement for years.

Then he was asked if he could meet "new" requirements for bigger shells that could be accurate within 1 per 10,000. He bought new machines that could meet this specification, and supplied his first order. He knew the measurements were very accurate. His work failed. Steel when measured at 70 degrees [temperature] is larger when at 80 degrees.
Measuring the goodness of a person is even more difficult.
So don’t be surprised when some one says “You are a very good person, but not good enough.”
To be a good Human requires getting better every day.

How do we measure human behavior.
To enjoy life, keep growing better every day. I wish you a happy birthday, once each year. Be Good for God's work.