Sunday, January 31

Dateline ~ True Stories about Murder

He told me, that My Soul-Mate Denise Wesley, will kill me. I didn't believe Him (Doctor Lundell my Friend)

She certainty has injured me - PTSD!
She is the perfect Female Bully

Don Wesley

Denise Wesley

He psychoanalyzed every member of my Family. He got to know how my Soul-mate Denise thought and carried out Her plans, using our Children..

Michael, our Son is also the Perfect Bully.
Front row on the left!

Michael, the Adult Bully!

Published on Jan 13, 2016
Adam Bruckner, Solved A Murder The Murder of Josephine ''Angie'' Angelo on July 4th, 2002 the dismembered and badly decomposed body of a woman is found hanging above a river in Philadelphia. Police suspect she may have
been homeless and worry the crime will never be solved. When professional soccer player Adam Bruckner gets drawn into the investigation, he becomes obsessed with finding the killer.

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