Sunday, November 3

Quite frankly the only thing I want to see happening, is for Abused-Old-Men, like me; to see Justice.

Hi Victor, and Dear Diary-INNJustice.

Yes, and for other’s to know I live very close to Ottawa, the Capital of Canada. 
It is minus 3 degrees below Zero; and I must go out to Tim’s for Breakfast,
It is 5:51 AM, and if I don’t go and eat, then my body is consuming itself and I’ll fade away, like old soldiers do. I fading very quickly!
Quite frankly the only thing I want to see happening, is for Abused-Old-Men, like me; to see Justice.

In the Senate and in the Courts of law, and their Family Home and old age homes.
The Mortician, at Men’s Bible-Study breakfast yesterday, felt the same way. His wife scolded him because she found him without kindness when attending to a man whose wife, had just been almost-through the process morticians are licensed to carry out.

What you wrote me, yesterday, I found truly "mean" and without any kindness whatsoever.
When I think of how kind Little "T" has been, I no longer wonder why. 

The Habit of Kindness is not found in the genes but in the Mind, which not in the Brain.

You and I know each other for over 70 years, and you are still fighting like Teenage boys do, to see who can take more pain. I can tell you this, cause, at 80 there are no contest rules. except the rules of civility; like the promise to love one another.   =   Rupert Sheldrake 2

I think of how mean Denise has been; She is a Narcissist too. It is cruelty.
So is my friend Ivan.

And then there is Serge, who divorced his wife because she was Narcissist also. She moved to England and got involved in a relationship with a Biker; He the Biker murdered her. Serge was at my wedding and we knew each other, very well and her too. Serge loves Horses and is a Lighting Engineer. He worked for two of my companies when I met Denise.

But, I just can’t stop loving her; It is the promise I made at our marriage in the catholic church. I wish we were together again.
I am sad this morning and had to tell you something. The example of Bob’s family comes back into my mind and I feeling momentary Envy. God forgive me.