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From my thoughts while on TED in November 2011

Original date scheduled for posting - Nov 14 2011:
Hi once again Cliff and Debra,
I just looked around this Cyber Lounge to find a comfort-corner-table and found myself looking up to the sound of "Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah."

Soul, Solitude and Soft Music. I was carried back to Montreal in the 50's and looking to find my Soul-mate.

I found her in the 60's and she left me on Christmas Eve of 2008.
We soared through 70's 80's and 90's and bounced along the bottom thereafter. I found myself again at my comfort-corner-table of my own home with Soul, Solitude and Soft Music.

Then on Christmas Eve, I heard the sounds of Hell. Lonely, sad and then angry! I found myself calmed by combing my new soul-mate, Nicky our precious Dog.

Hell became cold after he was poisoned and died in my arms.
Then only a few days later I was evicted from own home and lived in my car thereafter.

Our home, which I bought in 1969 to grow around us until The Great Architect Above would Sail us Away, was brutally torn away from me. It took the abusive power of the courts to hurt me; death by a thousand cuts.

I had been warned by our family psychoanalyst that she, my wife Denise would kill me!
Look for the pattern she used; nothing is new and creative in ways to kill.

But she is a victim of self-harm. Herself having been injured as a child. Bless her, I still love her.

Now I live in a bedroom, in a rooming house, near Ottawa, I live out my life in loneliness.
The space is the size of a prison-cell.

I do know people at a
“Gathering House”;  TGH where over a hundred souls welcome me as Don.

I am drenched in sorrow and I shudder when good people tell me to get over it. I no longer can listen to music!

I do have a blog, where my thoughts have turned into essays, emails and diaries and links to issues of injustice.

You can get a glimpse here:

"Bitter Silence, a short film about child abuse"

I will stop here, because to continue would clutter this space.

I am not alone as a victim of injustice; which is a man-made disaster!

Aware and Caring about all of Humanity,


It is about belonging to a Mature Family Structure

Colin Powell.” His talk as a great leader, Father and ROTC soldier, makes me feel very good, as a Great Grand Father who went through the same character building lessons, in the Canadian Military structure, in 1951; a British system of structure. Canada too, has seen Family regression, thru the years.

It is about belonging to a Mature Family System of Structure, and developing great Personal Confidence.
It is a well reasoned system that we need to believe in. Our elders have done the calculations of proof. All the historical evidence points to its goodness.
It would be a huge error not to hear, within our deepness, the great message of the Family Village Power. If we are not with the family, who are we with. We have no Power alone.
Every word and emotion he has created for us, is good and True.
Although I was born and educated in Montreal, I was lucky to visit and feel the Power of Family on the Streets of Great New York, before the age of ten.
On all my school holidays, I went to New York to learn from the City of Many Villages.
I long to return to that wondrous awesome Power. I always felt the magnetic pull of Family in that City. It was my Mother, who always gathered together enough, money to get me there.

I would stay with my Aunt Esther, across the river in New Jersey.
As a teen I would drive to New York in my own Car and stay in the YMCA.

When I was in my fifties, a small international firm hired me to grow their already successful business. I had the creative ability, they needed.
I had some concern at that time of getting “wacked” as the General mentioned. Things have regressed and we now need men like Colin, who have great Mothers.

Need I say more.
Don Wesley, [From the Silent Generation]

By V.S. Ramachandran
MIRROR NEURONS and imitation learning as the driving force behind "the great leap forward" in human evolution

By VS Ramachandran:
The Neurons that shaped civilization

Hands - Are very Important - They Hold You in a Hug - Gently with Affection

Hands - Are very Important - They Hold You in a Hug - Gently and with Affection I'll be 82 in April, on the 17th.
As you can see, my blood supply is very good.
Don Wesley - 1933 - Easter Monday.

I make a good grandfather for those who need... one more.


Teachers Are Like Gardeners

Our Garden was 100 feet long by 40 wide.
It was in the best sunny-side of our home
And it grew me and Denise.

And we argued about what and where to grow most everything.
It was that important for our children also. 
I used it to teach also.
I was a better teacher than Denise Wesley.
She was a gift to me. Nothing better than her... until....



The Good people and the Very Wicked Ones.

Prepared by Don Wesley for you 30 July 2014.
The Military Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst  my family saw;
Told me my wife would 'Kill' me, sometime in the future.
She didn't get the chance to kill me, but used my money with her lawyer to
Evict from my own Home.

I didn't take him seriously.
I'm not a Film Maker, but just a Man with a truthful story to tell. 

I'm experimenting now... to see what will bring You...
Into the Play I'm building.
It is very important for me to get these parts of the Play out there
With you and others like us.


Only two years ago, in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada, I reported 3 crimes, 2 completed and 1 still ongoing. One Police Officer said I should keep my nose clean; and keep out of other peoples business.
Today we are being told.. they need our help; in other words get your nose dirty.

I mention this change, because The Criminal Mind looks so normal...  it takes behavior observations for years, with skilled eyes, to catch one before they commit a murder or pull an "organization"  

into crime.
And more horrifying in that the psychopath [s/he] is likely to be a family member.  
So I felt the need to share some guidance I found.

Listen only, to the first two minutes of the following Videos to provide you with the best attitude to have to see the whole Picture in Review. Leave the number video, a song "on"

Kind Hearts and Hearts of Stone
Both sides of a Person.

Soft loving Hurt

Bitter Silence

 John Wesley 1704

 Don John Wesley 1933 - A true story I hope will become a Lodge story.
When I see Him,
I'll look at the Killer eye to eye with my eyes
and Say Be gone Iceman
He will levitate out of sight.
Or be frozen forever in his own Ice.

 John Wesley 1704

A few words from a former UN official 



A Scientist has already developed
A scale of Wickedness for us to use.

From 1... to ...... 22.
this the Heaven here on Earth right now, that we live in so tragically.
Let us do something, to kick his Butt out of our Garden here on our Island called Earth.
By singing in the right Tones we can
Levitate his agents and cleanse their soul.
He the Killer Prince will loose his needy appetite. And clients who pay him.

Watchers, Moles & Assassins by Steve Thompson

"Walking the Line Between Danger and Death"
Welcome into my tiny Inn.
My Name is Don Wesley -  1933 -April 17 - Easter Monday. 
Helping to make Canada a better place to live in.  


Watchers, Moles & Assassins.

An RCMP Service in Ottawa,  according to Steve Thompson. Early nineteen-seventies!


Don't let yourself become the next court room victim leaving a hearing wondering what happened to justice.


 Juli Alexander, Executive Director of Redress, Inc. candidly discusses the present condition of the American judicial system. Examples of life destroying decisions void of common sense, morality and law handed down by judges are cited. The newest malady evolving from courtroom encounters called "Legal Abuse Syndrome" is explained. The accountability, qualifications and even the sanity of some judges are questioned and with good reason. The self policing or rather non-policing of judges is discussed and questioned. The fact that many actions have now been undertaken by judicial officers to protect themselves from the very people that they are sworn to protect is offered as a prime example of their fear of retaliation by those they "judge." The phenomenon of "power addiction" is also introduced. Don't let yourself become the next court room victim leaving a hearing wondering what happened to justice. See and hear what Juli has to say.

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