Thursday, September 22

( 176 ) Shocking Things Donald Trump Has Done This Election

( 176 )    
Shocking Things Donald Trump Has Done This Election

How did we get here? It's easy to forget. In the debut episode of his new series, "The Closer," GQ's Keith Olbermann tallies the most outrageous of Donald Trump's offenses in what is now his 15-month assault on American democracy.


Live an Aware Life

An introduction to research on Spirituality, happiness, chants, mind, body, health, destiny, sixth sense, ghosts, possession and healing by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF).


Don and His wife's Parents

Inside the American Mob

End game


John Lennox, PhD - Faith Has Its Reasons

John Lennox, PhD - Faith Has Its Reasons Part 1

Published on Aug 28, 2016



Mafia Hitmen

Behind the Story Documentary


333 The Key To God's Secrets

Donald John Wesley 1933

A Message To Students And Teachers


Donald Trump was given the Unique Abilities to do the successful Work: He did.

The successful Work: He did.

September 22, 2016

Donald John Wesley

I brought this to our attention now, because of all the bizarre killings going on now

I'm 83 and work full time for God:
The Holy Spirit is delivering electricity to us to live by.

This Man got paid to do unique work?

Believe or Don't - After hearing his full story to a Psychiatrist, I felt sorry for Him.

The  Unique Professional  

2012 ~ A Physicist, discovers how God set out the rules of How the Whole Universe Works

Donald John Wesley

His Primer Lesson - Part One

How the Whole Universe Works


Read the Mason's first Oath

 Read the Mason's first Oath

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So called Christians who aren't Christians 

October 15 is the day I'll move into my new Home. ~ I'll have the company of God and Jesus!
Don ......   "What is Hell, and who is Satan?"

Homeless again, but God and Jesus live in me right now.

It is now November 22, 2015 and I now have my own Home. I followed Gods commands.; and He delivers

So called Christians who aren't Christians 

Monica Dennington explains this reality I am living in now; best of all at this point in History. After watching Monica, .... take in this extra lesson about Hell.

Homelessness is not Hell.
I feel happy now.
And ..... I know the whole universe is electric !

But those in Hell are feeling the opposite way: without God.
Jesus is finding me a new Home now. He and God live in me: I follow Gods commands. Ever since I was one or two.

After watching these two lessons; tell everyone which is best: living with  God or Satan?

Now:  spread the news throughout the World.
Making what is good, even better for humanity. The INN of JUSTICE is a collection of my own personal reflections-essays, and conversations about life; which, hopefully contributes to the knowledge of good successful Families. I need to know why my family broke apart. What holds families together?