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The RCMP in the Montreal Court House told me ...(2010)

[Re-posted June 12, 2016 by Don]

21/01/2010 12:06 PM

Just 2 months ago I met with a special police constable (trained to deal with such cases) of the Ottawa police force who concluded that I am not a threat to myself or to anyone else. He found me to be very astute.
He told me of another Ottawa police officer who has been ordered by a court to pay his wife a monthly sum of $2000.00. He cannot afford to do this, but he will be arrested if he does not do so. The problem he stated, comes from the two lawyers who want to sell his home.
I am not alone with this problem. The RCMP in the Montreal Court House told me that families are devastated daily by the court system.
One of my lawyers told me he could not attack his own court; but he knows I received a negative judgement from one judge that was nothing less than cruel.
Also you have to know that the first two judgements gave me exclusive occupancy of 6 Hazel Drive.
Denise ignored these judgments and with her lawyer was able to generate an eviction order (not a Judgement) that made me homeless. It was based on lies. It said she was the owner of 6 Hazel and that I was simply a tenant.
I am not living in the past, but very much in the present. My story, for the final trial Judge, is what will determine the end result. Getting there will cost us much of our wealth. I will send you a March copy of the Financial Post Newspaper, which supports my story: It is crazy for a couple to divorce at our age.

The Story of Don and Denise Wesley, who lived together, in a ‘Marriage made in Heaven’ on April 11, 1964

I forgot to tell you about Aril 3, 2014, at Tim Hortons, in Winchester Ontario.
 I was the only customer there, enjoying my coffee and the bowl of hot Chilli;  when a younger man [about 70] came and sat at the table next to me.
He told me he was an ex-RCMP Officer who investigated crimes. I asked and he gave me
his name [Dave Gordon from Kemptville]
What he then told me without any question from me, was that my case was before the Crown Attorney. It is he said, a case of Embezzlement.
I asked him to stay and talk for awhile longer; he couldn't and said he would likely meet me again.
It is now October 31, 2014 and have heard nothing, and fear calling him to hear negative information from Him!

Re posted October 30, 2014.

Posted Now. I may die before it is finished and mailed.
Thursday, October-31-13, written by Donald John Wesley

This copy is in the process of being written.     Sunday, November-03-13
The Story of Don and Denise Wesley, who lived together, in a ‘Marriage made in Heaven’ on  April 11, 1964; was declared ended by a Divorce Judgment made in a Court of Relationships, June 9, 2013. The Court of Relationships used laws made the hands of Men. Denise is the wife of Donald John Wesley. The Older Laws of Heaven, supersede the newer laws of men, and have withstood the test of time. [Quebec Court of Appeal Jurisprudence.]

This information I assume is based upon what I have read in The Canada Service Letter, I received Sept. 24, 2013, mentioned below.
The Canada Government Service Agent, said in the Letter I received Sept. 24, 2013,
"Your file shows that you and Denise Wesley lived together from April 11, 1964, to June 9, 2013 and during that time, you both contributed to the Quebec Pension Plan."

The above file, if it truly exists as written, is miss-leading, if not harmful, now, in future and even in the past. (Don Wesley)  In all cases, I lose everything that belonged to me, which is not justice at all.
I suspect there is someone else using my name.
Canada, therefore, as I see it, must act.

I have carried out my own investigation over the years since Denise left me, and have gather together, very serious and objective evidence, that several crimes may have been committed by Denise and those who assisted her. Crimes defined by the Criminal Code of Canada. Conspiracy being one; in two jurisdictions; Ontario and Quebec. 

I have already delivered, most all the files and folders of the evidence I have collected to the GRG –RCMP. Some files, too valuable to lose, I have kept with me.

 I delivered the documents - 13/03/2012.
They told me they would keep them and not investigate the crimes I found evidence for. PROS 2012170332  Simon-Pierre SauvĂ©,
Cst./EnquĂȘteur/Investigator, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Commercial crime unit – COLT, 4225 Dorchester, Westmount, QC.    H3Z 1V5.
I also had my Masonic Lodge Master, peruse the major files, this past Sunday morning, in Alexandria, Ontario. He is also employed as a GRC officer investigator. After reviewing all the documents, and having the relevant experience, he said to me: ” I can see why this complicated case, would drive you crazy, Don. It is above my pay scale level to comprehend. I will ask for help from lawyers who I know and get back to you very quickly”
I quickly wrote him an email when I got back home, saying “ Dear Yannick, please just remove the affidavits with miss-information involved, and you will see clearly, given the pay scale your paid in.” Signed Bro. Don Wesley’
In the incident records of the RCMP in Ottawa, sometime in 2010 I was received by an Officer name Whitaker, as I recall.  More info is available; My Son Doctor Steven John Wesley, Psychiatrists, was called that day.   

After a year, of serious study by Denise Prevost and me, we decided together to get married and did on April 11, 1964. We were married in House of Our Lord, under the laws of God, and she, Denise was given the name of her husband, Denise Claire Wesley. All being done according to the Marriage Contract, which both mature parties signed, before the marriage.
We lived together until the day of December 24, 2008, when I received an email Letter from her, saying, “that by the time I received her letter, she will have left me”.
Denise, having acted in this manner lost everything that Don had yet to pay her. He owed her $25,000.00 payable at any time. There are other aspects which I did not mention here, because of the need to be short, and easily understood.
I was expecting the gift of the Season! What I received was an Announcement that her awareness of me had stopped and her Love turned into Hatred.
Having studied enough of psychology I now felt that I was standing in the middle of a Forest and not knowing which direction to follow. I felt the fear of “fight or run away” at the animal level.
The contrast to the Birth of Jesus was shocking to the point of seriously harming my mental condition. The injury was sustained, by more and more actions of hers and her new friends.
‘Escalating-actions’ of abuse over a long period of time, is crime, as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada.
I am now asking, The Canada Government Service Agent, in a Registered Letter, to assign a special new team of investigators, to revisit this possibly un-conscionable court judgment.

I am inclined to think the Judge has been mislead by a series of seeming small errors, over the entire processing system that is used in the family court system.
The “Wesley’s” need the other Court with the power to declare a divorce or annulment, subject to verification, and if a theft by husband or wife is found, that the Judge must determine the method of reparation and order that it be carried out. In the case of property-title-conveyance, that the Judge must use the power to seize and evict those present. If it is found that some other actions by court officers have “misrepresented” one or the other party then the Judge must determine the guilt or innocence therein and deliver a Judgement, Subject to verification
I strongly recommend, that I be part of the team of RCMP investigators, given that I was Commissioned a Military Officer of the Crown in 1953;
And have also uncovered other very large crimes, in org
anizations, before.
I went to the RCMP who connected me with the Department of Revenue. At the end I was told by Inspector from the Department of Revenue, that the criminal, would never have been caught had it not been my analytical help. The criminal fine was $1,200,000.00; This occurred in 1990 I recall.
I was told to come back again. I am a Master of Many Crafts and a member of an Engineering Council.
Respectfully yours,
Donald John Wesley.

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