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Invisible Wound's - Break Down (Documentary)

Trauma ~ Anxiety - Homeless etc.

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Detained until we agree to"lie"

Detained until we agree to  "lie"

Published on Nov 21, 2014

They were just witnesses to a murder, pressured by the police to change their story until the wrong man was jailed for a crime he did not commit. Linden MacIntyre takes you inside “The Interrogation Room” with disturbing police videotapes that reveal an investigation gone terribly wrong.

In a fifth estate exclusive, we show how Peel Regional Police used this controversial method to convince, not suspects, but several murder witnesses, that they had not seen what they thought they had. Witnesses were berated, threatened and held for hours until they told police what they wanted to hear. We show you these tapes and exactly how the police built an entire case that sent an innocent man, Eric ‘Action’ Morgan, to prison for more than 3 years, charged with homicide. See how a night that started out as a small birthday party ended in murder with bystanders manipulated by police until they lied.
"It’s a tried and tested police interrogation technique that often results in confessions from crime suspects, sometimes whether they’re guilty or not. This method, known as the Reid Technique, has come under fire from critics over the years for eliciting false confessions. In “The Interrogation Room,” police use this technique on bystanders, not suspects and send an innocent man to jail."



A MESSAGE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY ~ Charlie Chaplin - Be Mesmerized

2016 - April 27.
I believe this movie by Chaplin very relevant today;
perhaps even more relevant.
Don Wesley

Don Wesley

A MESSAGE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY ~ Charlie Chaplin - Be mesmerized
Uploaded on Dec 26, 2011
Charlie Chaplin's inspirational final speech in "The Great Dictator"
One of the most inspirational speeches in recorded history was given by a
comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin in the movie "The Great Dictator".

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