Friday, January 30

Don Wesley 1933, a victim of Elder Abuse for 1314 days, in Canada.

It is 2015 January 31 -Up-dated September 23 ~ 2016

This is my young friend who is,
Like the kind Son
I never had.

And I'm still waiting.

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Don Wesley, a victim of Elder Abuse for 1314 days, without Justice from the Courts of Canada. August 15, 2012. He too will never forget the Injustice for himself and tens of thousands of other Elders.

Network for the prevention of Elder Abuse.

John Franken, Dutch-born Canadian and survivor of 1,288 days as a wartime slave of Japan, is still wounded in that he can’t forgive. The reason for that, he says, is that he can’t forget.

“As long as I live I can serve as a reminder that everybody, including nations, has to be accountable.”

The World Beyond Belief interviews Daniel Smith - "Health Freedoms on Trial"

This sounds like what has happened to me.

Published on Jan 7, 2015
Daniel Smith exposes the government/corporate control matrix that wants to take away your right to chose alternative health remedies. He faces severe criminal charges for selling a health product readily available on such mainstream sources as E Bay and The Justice Department and the FDA hope not only to convict Daniel, but also through his case, severely limit your personal freedom to chose your own paths toward health.
The World Beyond Belief talks with Daniel Smith and Mia Hamel about Daniel's case and how this affects us all in maintaining our health freedoms and how we can help. Please visit to learn more. Daniel is facing 37 years in prison for helping save lives and defending our Health Freedom.



How to Study a Passage or Verse of the Bible.

In Defense of the Innocent - Legally Speaking

I was the one who behaved in a very serious Cruel Way!
I did think OJ did the crime.
I know I was wrong.

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Published on Aug 28, 2014
(Visit: Over the last two decades no criminal defense lawyer in America has had a more profound impact on advancing the rights of the convicted than has Barry Scheck. In 1992, when DNA testing was still in its infancy, Scheck, along with his colleague Peter Neufeld, founded The Innocence Project, which has since figured prominently in the release of hundreds of prison inmates. Scheck also achieved lasting fame for defending O.J. Simpson when the former football star was charged with murder. Scheck spoke with California Lawyer contributing editor Martin Lasden about his extraordinary career and the controversies surrounding it. Series: "Legally Speaking" [9/2014] [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Show ID: 28615]
Category Education



Thursday, January 29

Criminal Minds - Professor Glenn D Wilson

Hi and welcome into my tiny blog with powerful thoughts to consider. We are in deep trouble.
It very hard to predict who has a criminal mind. Professor Glenn D Wilson  reveals what he has learned and others have learned. You need not waste your time to find what I have already found. Please catch like a fly fisherman what I have caught for you. I'm just passing this along to you to make you more knowledgeable. We need to help each other learn.... before it is too late.
The world is gripped by evil minds... Calcified Pineal Glands. " Mean and mean-spirited Hearts.
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Wednesday, January 28

If not now, when? Laura Rozo at TEDxUNC




"My Grandfather, Peter Kerr, made his living teaching men how to catch the fish you want

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If you don't have a goal for helping humanity then you are loving only yourself.
Fly rod fishing is an art of catching the fish you want to catch.

"My Grandfather, Peter Kerr, made his living teaching men how to catch the fish you want. After his fishing lesson he and his clients, discussed  
Philosophy.  He came Home... drunk too often. M y Mom, Helen Kerr, warned her Father to stop drinking and He did.  
 Jesus fished for the men he needed to tell his story. "   [Don Wesley]
 Don Wesley's Grand Father, Peter Kerr. 

Our Lords.... Master Recipes!


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Our Lords....    Master Recipes - Hanging on Dons' out-door clothes line

Our Lords....    Master Recipes

I have great reasons to believe the super rich don't want us to believe they are dumbing us down with other chemicals.
Please listen to...

 I believe the Master Mineral Solution...  works very well; and even best of all, if you have....  a healthy and truthful belief and the Gift from God Himself.
God gives us the love to let our bodies heal themselves, by moving all the pathogens out.

This is His Helping Hand


Tuesday, January 27

The words "I love you" at the very beginning of Earth.

This morning... at sunrise I went and read the news... at CBC; it was just the news that God wanted me to see today. January 27, 2015. I think we wanted me to know.

My Family thought they were smart and could profit by evicting me.
Now they have committed Embezzlement; a crime.
The Lawyers charge for their services. “Buy Your way into Canada with a Home included.”

My  lawyer, told me; he needed my Home in November because he needed it as one-part of a package of a "Home and Citizenship" into Canada.
I didn't pay for a divorce; but I lost my home and my belongings.
This is called Embezzlement.
Me and my Blog will never forget this... even after the courts return my home and belongings to me.
This Home is the Family Farm. All must agree to sell it. This didn’t happen.

........... ,
So I thought " what more could God reveal to me."
I went back to sleep all day long, with my eyes covered... to see only darkness. I decided to pretend I was God; alone in the very beginning.

I made a robot child using parts and held this child with my right arm at my neck on my right side. I hugged him.... and he said "I love you!"
This happened to me during my dark sleep today.
This is "True."  May God strike me dead if it is a lie.

What comes into my thinking now is "Break your mirror, so you can see your Soul."



Trust Us: Terence McKenna - What You Need To Do .

Welcome back again..
Uploaded on Nov 16, 2011

Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 -- April 3, 2000) was an Irish-American[1] philosopher, psychonaut, researcher, spiritual teacher, speaker and writer on many subjects; such as human consciousness, psychedelic drugs, the evolution of civilizations, the origin and the end of the universe, cybernetics, alchemy, and extraterrestrial beings.

Monday, January 26

Do you want to know God ? Try making Love for someone !

I'm doing the thrilling work of God.

It is making The Thing called Love.
Get someone who has discovered Love, to teach you the recipe
God will cook up a pot of Love for you to try for yourself.
Then you can be a Chef for others

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Sunday, January 25

I know The Devil and God - An Allegorical Story, reveals the truth.

This is a very serious and beautifully created allegorical story.
These types of stories...  are used to reveal the real truth.
This Movie was made in Australia ?
I can tell you, this did make me cry ?

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God is a man who owns all the electric power. Those who steal it and use it to harm are like little cockroaches that sit and wait and smile at you, while you bleed to death.

Kill them with Chloride Dioxide Gas.



The Wonders of Nature

Some one just discovered me.

The Wonders  of Nature !

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Two becoming One, and planning to raise a Child - Think . . .

Raising a child or two is a mystery.  Here is want me must not do.
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Before even planning to give birth to a child,
think and decide how you will prevent,
"Attachment Injuries."
Attachment Injuries,
Mental Disorders
And we injure them.
Shame on us who do
or have done such harm.

Saturday, January 24

Violence, the Domestic Type. Bring more Hope to our older people in Crisis

"Violence in My Family Home"

I, Don Wesley, am a victim of Domestic Violence.
I'm 81 and was born on the 17th day of April in the year of 1933.

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It was Easter Monday.
Just before Christmas of  2104... the TV Program "48 Hours" revealed that Jesus was born April 17....  6 B.C.
A young Mother I was talking to said... "That's Amazing."
This was at a local garage in Winchester. Ontario, Canada.
I was waiting while they completed a tiny repair on my "Sleep-In Car"
Now, back to the power of violence; where does this power come from?
My two sons Steven and Michael got the power to steal my Home and all my belongings from Our Canada Court system. This was in 2009 July 13.



Friday, January 23

DMT - The Link Between Worlds

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Master Mineral Solution - Who is telling us the One Truth ?


January 23, 2015
Hi and welcome to my little Inn.
My Hobby Specialty is to gather data and study it....  looking for Evil Corruption.
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My Young Friend Dennis ??????, loaned this awesome Book for me to "study".

The question we share is,    not whether this Master Mineral Solution works but, is there some corruption cover-up hiding this essential knowledge from us.



Wednesday, January 21

Roy Orbison - Crying

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People of the Lie - The Hope for Healing Human Evil

I do have a few people I know too well, who are "People of the Lie"
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Tuesday, January 20

How to Think - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

My early lessons came from watching this Bishop 

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Kindness is real..... Manly Power - Way To Happiness

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The Following Words are those of
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.
I have been watching Him since I was
Teenaged Boy.


DMT – The Spirit Molecule

I found this essay on Facebook. Since God is all important to me; I choose to add the essay to the Inn.

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DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, the visionary chemical compound found in abundance throughout the plant kingdom and in many mammals, is naturally produced inside the human body. It is most plentiful in the pineal gland, which is considered to be the potential biological locus of human consciousness and the seat of the soul. The pineal gland is known as the third eye, or the point source from which consciousness manifests itself in the human body. It is suspected that, when a persona falls asleep, DMT is released into the brain from the pineal gland to induce dream states of consciousness, and also that, when a person dies, a flood of this chemical is released, accounting for the consciousness-expanding effects of near-death experiences and for the movement of the psyche into realms beyond waking life.

The molecule itself is simple in structure and can be synthesized or extracted directly from plants. Dubbed the ‘spirit molecule’, by researcher Dr. Rick Strassman, this commonly-found compound baffles modern science because of the effects it has on human consciousness.

Although the substance is naturally occurring and apparently a necessary part of conscious life, at present it is listed by the United States Federal Government as a Schedule I controlled substance and is illegal to produce, distribute or possess. The suppression of DMT, a substance so commonly found in nature, is construed by many as a sign of an established ‘war on consciousness’. Speculation exists that visionary states reached under the effects of DMT are intentionally kept out of reach of the masses because the lasting psychological effects of the DMT experience can have a markedly culture-busting and paradigm-shifting result. Causing people to question primary cultural narratives and mainstream societal programming, psychedelic transformation with DMT is dangerous to the status quo; if too many people experience these effects, then our cultural bias towards exploitation and annihilation would be redressed.

There is growing popular interest in the psychoactive effects of this drug, especially after the work of Dr. Strassman, who clinically observed the mysterious similarities among the psychedelic visions of over 400 subjects during his legally-sanctioned exploration of this chemical in the 1990’s. Given the large number of subjects who vividly described having life-altering spiritual experiences that seemed to dissolve the ego and support the idea that all life forms are inter-connected at a common spiritual level, DMT has acquired the popular nickname ‘the spirit molecule’. Many of the individual experiences recorded in Dr. Strassman’s experiments exhibit unexplainable similarities to each other, leading to the question: Does DMT bring human consciousness into attunement with spiritual dimensions that exist in parallel to our commonly-shared material world?

The proper use of this substance has traditionally been the domain of Amazonian shaman who for thousands of years have been drinking the thick and unpleasant-tasting psychedelic brew Ayahuasca. This ancient concoction of at least two common Amazonian plants is widely accepted in South America as a tool in shamanic healing practices. It allows experienced healers to mitigate the individual suffrages of one’s psyche occurring between the physical and spiritual realms while also radically purging the body and psyche of latent negative energies.

The process of healing and cleansing through the use of Ayahuasca is legal in South America. It is also legally accessible to Americans domestically through commitment to the church of Santo Daime, which regularly serves this brew to its parishioners in ceremonies taking place in many major cities throughout the US, including New York and Washington, DC. There is also a growing popularity in tourism that brings Westerners to ceremonies with legitimate healers and shaman who are trained in the usage of Ayahuasca and where ordinary people can experience firsthand the potent and life-changing effects of this medicine.

The author and consciousness explorer Daniel Pinchbeck has helped to bring recognition of the transformational aspects of Ayahuasca and concentrated DMT, rationally advocating them as a means of reconfiguring one’s psyche so that a re-prioritization of values can occur, ultimately alleviating a dependence on cultural norms, which contribute to exacerbating world calamities. In his epic and thoughtful account of some of his harrowing journeys with psychedelics, Breaking Open the Head, Pinchbeck makes the rather compelling case that the powerful and paradigm-shifting effects of Ayahuasca have found a rightful place in our modern society as a tool for drastically recalibrating our relationship to the earth and for re-thinking our societal institutions and the purpose of our culture.

Jonathon Miller-Weisberg, enthno-botanist and conservationist, presents in his book, Rainforest Medicine, the fascinating cosmology of an Ayahuasca shaman from the Sequoia tribe in Ecuador. He makes the case that Ayahuasca is a celestial consciousness that is currently working to introduce itself to as many Westerners as possible as a means of self-preservation in the face of an overwhelming ecological assault on the Amazon, its indigenous people and traditions. In his book, Weisberger describes in colorful detail the cosmology and mythology woven into the mystique of Ayahuasca medicine, while also offering to Westerners practical and critical advice on respecting and honoring the sacred importance of this visionary experience.

The effects of DMT on human consciousness can be profound and permanent, and many vocal proponents of this experience, such as Terence McKenna or Graham Hancock, attribute profound psychological and philosophical awakenings to this experience.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of experiencing DMT may be the reintroduction of the sacred into contemporary consciousness and into ordinary life. It also has the curious side-effect of inviting mystery and inspiration that can powerfully renew daily life

You know God exists and is anxious to hear from You. His cell phone number is?

Can you catch Him and hear His voice?
Get to know Him intimately and
Your Happiness will stick with you.


Happiness is like a Fly.
You can kill it but not catch it.
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Monday, January 19

An Empty Feeling ? It can be filled....

I found these words in a little book "The Pursuit of God" by A. W. Tozer.

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Love Skill - Move into Love Alignment

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DMT The Spirit Molecule

This is my first look into DMT.

What it does is truly strange: New videos in the brain or Mind.

Seeing this... led me to a little book;;; An Empty Feeling?

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Published on Jun 2, 2013
Rick Strassman's study on DMT, and the subject's experiences.




Happy or Worried - It Happens in seconds.

Mind Science - WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS - (Documentary) Part2

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Published on Sep 17, 2014
Secret Knowledge: We are all and everything is vibrational and interacts/manifests via frequency. An extraordinary film by Producer, David Sereda and James Law. If this film resonates with you, for more information and access to other essential films please proceed to website:




Magnetism and Love - A Powerful Intersection of Living.

Magnetism and Love - A Powerful Intersection of Living.


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Technology - The Devils Paradise - God is the Cure.

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These "ideas" for a new Post... in my tiny Inn; just pop in like, someone is travelling and going nowhere. They are like a "seed" that grows in minutes into a full Story of Love and Truth; from the darkness into light.

In my dark moments back in the 1950's; Music led me into the light. In 1962, I finally met my Soul-mate Denise. We were married in 1964, April 11. She was my Angel from Paradise. In those days, we didn't mention words like Heaven and God. However we sang knowing they existed. Here are two examples of how we talked about love in Paradise....




Denise lost Sight of Paradise and True
Love with its Light.

She became a part of the Devils paradise in the darkness.

"We made love, and never had Sex;
I always invited her to make Love."


Sunday, January 18

Champion - Can you become One ?

Many think they have a great chance to be one - a Champion.
A coach "may" tell you this... so he has students to work for. We all have teams we cheer on. It seems we all need to be part of a winning side. All aspiring students need study under the best coach they can find.
There are exceptions however....  because some do succeed all by themselves. My son Steven, became a Body Building Champion...

Many have lived to be like Jesus. It is a life worth living for. You need only hear His Name Christ. Before you read the Bible; it is important that you have lessons of why we need to win and defeat this before he has more support to cheer Him on to victory. All my life, since I was two I dreamed of being the champion who would defeat the Devil.

Here is a short Book telling us Why we need to defeat the Devil...

Hi and welcome in here... this Blog I call my Inn.
My Name is Don Wesley. I lived all my life in Montreal until July 2009. 
I have been retired since I was 60... now I'm 81.  All these retirement years I have worked for Humanity... according to Gods Commands.
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