Tuesday, February 10

The Devil (2015 appropriate)

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Revisiting - The hidden "story facts," in the Denise VS. Don case.


Tuesday, February - 10-2015 (Revisited)

Tuesday, January-25-2011 (Revisited)

Thursday, December-16-10

 To: Vic
Subject: The hidden "story facts," in the Denise VS. Don case, are within reach for your thought processes.
It is 4:42 AM and I have been awake for the last 20 minutes. I awoke from a sleep with a new knowledge set of information for you in particular.

When you see a loose story thread, you follow it like a bull dog with a passion for a kill.
  1. You have realized that Denise fraudulently obtained what appears to be exclusive ownership of my home.
  2. This was done by a series of Court Orders, (Not Court Judgements) which were engineered and manufactured by the lawyers and inserted in the court files over a period of months.
  3. These inserted engineered corrections, produced her story that she was the exclusive owner of my home. I am the owner of that building, 6 Hazel Drive, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux; this is the only truth.
  4. This could only be done if both my lawyer and hers were in agreement to do so.(Conspired)
  5. When I visited the court records and digitally photographed them, (with the help of Brar who came to court with me) then these illegal engineered corrections were there for me to closely examine them later in my computer.
  6. These documents are now in my lap top computer and on a separate back-up hard drive. Some have been printed out and are in a loose-leaf binder on my book shelf in this apartment 1525 Alta Vista Drive, Apartment 104, Ottawa, K1G0G1, Canada
  7. These few illegal changes to the court records support the shaky story which the lawyers have used to move the case along to point that we are in today.
  8. At this point, Denise has (with the help of the ReMax Brokers) has moved out and sold the home to a couple, who are aware that something is not correct. The woman told me she was only following the broker’s instructions.
  9. Now the Notaries enter the picture, and they know the home cannot be transferred because of the combination of the Deed of Sale and the Marriage Contract.
  10. Now if I just fade away, the new occupants can stay in the home, but they cannot hypothecate it.
  11. Now then this will remain as it is until who knows when.
  12. Another lawyer would have to find the hole in the case, which they could legally peruse. This is highly unlikely.
  13. Or a criminal case would have to be pursued, which is also highly unlikely.
  14. Now if the above scenario (characterization) is typical of how many other divorce cases are getting through the courts and creating victims such as me, then we may have a movie or a case for television news.
  15. And finally I think I have created a summary for you, my lifelong friend and companion.
  16. This summary is the “Loose Story Thread” which the bull dog in you can work on with a passion.
For the need to keep this message simple and clear I end here it is now 5:40 AM.


We are in Decline? - Can We Reverse it ?

This is the most revealing Story I have ever Heard!
It is a lesson about 1 hour and 20 minutes long.
Listen to it for 10 minutes; take a break to think and then return.

I alone can't provide you the evidence this one lesson does.
Some mighty power turned the Twin Towers into Dust; Not One Plane per Tower !
The mind heals itself; but can we heal the world, before it turns into dust.
(Don Wesley)
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We create our very own Stories to Fit our Comfort Islands we hopely move thru, Over Time.


Every man and woman has the freedom to build upon the Stories we start with. God allows us to create our very own story of One; a comfort zone or Gestalt (German)
If we buy a State owned organization to protect us; we have lost our freedom. And any Fascist Leader will take power eventually. (Hitler and Stalin)
Marx came along and said He found the perfect scientific procedures to run our new Culture; and God was no longer needed. He Marx, said "challenge everything with Critical reasoning."

This critical reasoning means will can never ever prove anything; because the discussions are endless.

Those of us who majored in Mathematics, knew we needed to use axiomatic algebra. Since the majority of us feel there is a God; then it is reasonable to accept that He exists and build upon this axiom. We can then study How... He does all that he has done. He has done already what we still can't do; he made a cockroach.  Review this lesson below.