Friday, October 28

Dreams, do something ~ Not only Exist

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Dreams, do something ~ Not only Exist


I have dreamed about Machinery since I was a Child.
I also dreamed a lot every day and
had too much interrupted sleep.

By the time,  I was 35; many factories were designed and built by me.
My Father (John) taught me how to pray by myself, because he and my Mother (too often) had to leave me alone. (Absent too often)
Today called Abuse!

This was during the depression years 1929-39.

My Prayer , in part said...

"Now I lay me down to sleep, Father (God) please take my soul  with You if I die before I awake."

I really needed, wanted and built complex organizations like factories.

I was fully aware of every part and human, involved in these factories.
My awareness was so deep: We call this kind of awareness Love.

When I was old enough to know women; I discovered I wanted one very intelligent women to give birth to my own intelligent Son.

What I'm getting to is,,,,,  the difference between Wanting and Love.

Love is a state of  full awareness.
Be in Love with everything, then discern from the whole, what, and who you want to involve yourself as you design and build.

A Life Long Family Home was my very First Choice to build:
I never had such a Home, but as teenager I was hired to take care of the children of the very rich, while they chose to leave the children in my care alone, they wanted me:  A Home, nothing could destroy (Castle).

So, I was fully aware of what I needed and truly wanted

When I entered High School in Montreal (Canada) I saw and read the School Moto ~ Body, Mind and Soul; What did this all Mean?

This Protestant School copied in every detail; the Schools in Scotland.  This High School was also facing McGill University and just across the street.

I had dreams about graduating in McGill:  It never happened.
When I graduated from Montreal High School (age 17) I immediately joined the Military to become and Officer in the most Brilliant Corps: The Signal Corp,  of Queen Elizabeth's Army.
At the age of 19 I was Commissioned as an Officer in Her 'Defence Team'.
So.... I received free education and a permanent job if I wanted it.
"Military  Science"
In High School I was at the Top, in Math, Science and Literature.
My Behavior was also flawless, except for too many absent days (not showing at school) and also coming in Late.

What one of my last High School teachers, told the whole science class, was "Don is a "Slow Learner".  Today that call that "Dyslexia" I immediately told Him he was very wrong: The whole of my class-mates were silent and He found himself stunned.

I have more to tell... about Dreams that do something and even more wonderful is that We Live within the whole big One-Soul for all!

What I also need and want, is to remind everyone I meet these days who are in the their twenties, (Having finished High School) that they have yet to even decide what they want
I tell them, that times and our culture have changed since my time when I was a teenager, 70 years ago.

There are less "Lasting Joy" Days, Today.

I stay awake every night and study and create a blog or two Justice for You

I did the same when I was in school.
At this moment, I typewriting on that same folding table,
My Mother Had when she was young.
My Mother had me when she was in her Forties.
April 17, 1933 - Easter Monday
Around 2:00 AM
I was 12 pounds 13 Ounces.
I saw (recently) a documentary which told a
Story of when Jesus was Born;
April 17 B.C.

What I want  and have been and will continue to do, is tell all how real the Mind and Soul are.
I look in libraries for more books, articles, etc. and read and understand (Using Love) and discern what to tell you about the our own Minds and the ne Soul we live.

If Birds like the Crows can do it, it should lead to are wanting to live the same way
Some evidence of how they thought when I was a child. See the Library Video below..

The Three Little Pigs