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God and Dreams - How He gets your attention - To command You.... to do something Good.

Edited   3/30/15

When I was born....
to two lovers who weren't married....  God was angry.

I love you all. Don 

 My Dad was 50 and she was 40 and they didn't need me.
I weighed 12 pounds and 13 ounces and nearly died coming out of Mothers'  tummy. The year was 1933

World War 1 was over and number 2 was starting and God was angry that we were ruining his Beautiful Ship and the people on it. Even though they were miss behaving He loved them all. What is missing is discipline.

So, I Don Wesley, now 81, believe God sent me to tell you, how angry he was: He is even more angry today; but still loves us. He keeps us alive by sending his free electric energy.
He is the Captain of our ship and we must obey Him; violent Storms will sink our Ship if we don't obey Him.

When I was 6 my Brother Douglas went off to War II.

When I was 9, the War was over. I was thinking what my role would be when I was grown up.

When I reached 17, I found myself in basic military training

Camp Borden   

At the age of 18,  I was promoted to the rank of Officer, in the
Royal Canadian Signal Corps.

The Signal Corps was located on the shore of the St Lawrence river.
The city of Kingston

By time I reached 18, I knew I was here to get good things [working] and
Commanding my subordinates to obey me. I had good plans and the technical know-how to improve the way we use what he has given us.

I married and raised 3 boys with great love. But they had to obey my Commands. Discipline is needed in society also.

I also love animations to tell stories that God is Angry; but He loves us.



My Dad loved me only and never needed to scold me.

Situations at different times,,, require different roles and ways of commanding.  

Today I love, but hate the  way we live:
As if life for all was great,,, all the time

We have the technical know-how and we use it, to play; too much.

God is the Choice we have, ... that is reliable now.
Until a more reliable creative intelligence is found, we must work with the machines He built us with.


Don, I'm signing off...

I love you all.

P.S. In my dreams last night, I was very angry, and I was very surprised.
I had been very happy all week and feeling content.

My Lodge 439 is broken and needs repairing and no one has
the passion to care and repair.

I realize... God wants me to reveal to us... both His anger and His Love for us. I was beginning to think... my life story was complete. Every Father wants his story to be known.  I still have work that God wants me to do.
I'll be seeing you soon. But I'm old and often need the help of younger men who can understand the wisdom.... God alone, sends to His older men.
A broken lodge will be closed.


Genes, Atoms or Something Else? Praveen Sethupathy and Roald Hoffmann at Cornell


Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Don Wesley and I'm 81.
I have been consciously praying to God since I was 2, in 1935.
me and Dad at 2

me at 81
I prayed while in my steel cot, framed with prison bars and lying on my back. I'm not sure who taught me to pray the two prayers. No one was there when I prayed. To this day I pray the same way; not a soul with me. My body is aligned like a magnet with the poles of the earth, north for my head and my butt south; I seem held in that position and not needing any support. I aware of being weightless and I feel content.  My breathing is deep and easy, and I sense my body and mind has rid itself of the clutter of old thoughts. Now I'm ready to get up and write, with flowing words.
This has been an example you are now seeing. -
The following video was Published on Dec 4, 2014
Genes, Atoms or Something Else? Praveen Sethupathy and Roald Hoffmann at  Cornell by The Veritas Forum
Over the past two decades, The Veritas Forum has been hosting vibrant discussions on life's hardest questions and engaging the world's leading colleges and universities with Christian perspectives and the relevance of Jesus.
Learn more at, with upcoming events and over 600 pieces of media on topics including science, philosophy, music, business, medicine, and more!
Full library available AD FREE at



Talk too long.... and Story just right!



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What is the Difference Between Search and Research?

What is the Difference Between Search and Research?

Well, give me some answers ....

Send them to me here

My Diary/Blog - The Accident February 16-2015 - My Evidence - My Conclusion - Don Wesley

 Preface - "When I called 911 and talked to the OPP operator.. she told me, there were (2) accidents within the last hour for ....
Highway 43 at the same intersection.
No Officers were available to come to the scene.

At 23 below Zero it was too cold to wait. "
I am the Victim and I need Victim Aid.
The driver who left the scene was not calm enough to Drive [as indicated in the Diving Lessons we get] To say I was responsible for the Collision is "Witch Craft" thinking !

If you think my PTSD was a military One; you are in for a surprise. It was caused by a simple rear end accident in 1952. I was a tough young military Officer at the age of 18. The insurance company paid me $21,000.00, when I was 21. (1952 dollars)
I have, a Doctors letter of  testimony given to me March 23, 2015.  

This is being written with great care for the Court Appearance March 31 at 9:00 AM in Cornwall, Ontario.
1) The accident happened on the 16th between 0.15 and 1:00 [past midnight] 
2) The location is between 0.1 and 0.2 kilometers west of Queen Street & Highway 43; a controlled intersection.
3) My car was travelling west on Highway 43. My direction and speed was a velocity of 60 kl/hour and still accelerating.
4) It takes 60 meters to stop a car travelling in the same direction when its speed is 80 kl/hour. This driver, had to be driving only 65 kl/hour. The damage was done by 5 kl/hour vector (difference) at 20 degrees south of west.
?) What didn't prevent the vehicle from hitting my rear bumper: The driver had to slow down or perhaps stop. In less than five seconds I suddenly saw lights behind in the rear mirror, and realized this driver wasn't going to pass on the left.... but was going to drive me off the road. This was the murder I was expecting for years.
The damage on my bumper and velocity vectors I saw told me this is the most likely real explanation. This guy had a need to kill: A deranged mind.

5) At the controlled intersection s/he was not visible at even 750 meters on Highway 43. On Queen Street maybe 300 meters with the lights off.
6) I was still at Home on 61 College Street at 0:11.
7) The real and only accident that did occur, has yet to be reported to my Insurance Company.
8) No police officers came to the scene of the accident; as none were available.
9) I need the real collision report from the OPP.

10) Don Wesley..... (Never caused one accident in 65 years of safe driving) Habits are very good evidence to trust.
11) S/He left the scene; what was s/he hiding!
12) After waiting at Tim Hortons, I returned to the accident scene and did my forensic thinking and work.
(13) I now have a Forensic narrative that reveals... I'm the victim and not responsible for the unfortunate collision and the lies that followed.  

Victims of Witches. Did God want you to be born, the way you were created?

God has talked to everyone and yet, most all of us: are afraid of telling anyone.

I, Don, don't want to die alone and in my coffin:
Not having told humanity, what God explained to me. 

I'm giving you all a clue now.
"Living alone in your coffin"

Get to know God and you will continue to live in the other eternal world.


A Victim of Witches....

I was the victim
this day  - 2007/10/02.

Without a legitimate Mother and Father?

Maybe you were a victim before you were even created in you Mothers body.  

God... using Paul Harvey - A Letter From God

I can say that these are "the words of God" delivered to Paul Harvey... to say here on the internet for all to see and hear right now.
It is God who is speaking himself. [spiritually]  


Published on Dec 20, 2012
Kindness In Todays World.


Hello Victims... we are in control of the world: what remains, is for us, to erase the idea of Slave Masters

Hi Victims..... we are in control of the world: what remains, is for us, to erase the idea of  Slave Masters and their Organizational Systems.
Victims...... You have already been released from your slave masters. Just erase them from your minds.
Enjoy life.... like the Polar Bear Mother and her two children.

Only 1% of the population have deteriorating minds.... about 70 Million dangerous men and women.

I intend to remake the best world possible; a live and growing world. Recycling Men and women; with islands of heavens everywhere on this Earth... He gave us.
If He wants me to teach; I must obey Him.

"As society is made by man, so man, in his turn, is made by his thoughts, his decisions and his choices. Nothing ever happens to the world which did not first happen inside the mind of some man: the material of the skyscraper merely completes the architect's dream. Even the material of our physical selves is the servant of our thought's: psychologists recognize the fact that our bodies may become tired only because of the tiredness in the mind. Worry, anxiety, fear and boredom are felt as physical: mind fatigue appears to us as bodily fatigue."   
[See the whole of what Bishop Sheen had published in 1961: here below.] 





Saturday, March 28

The Look of Kindness in action - Feel the Difference - Cruelty

Clck to enlarge

About Psychic Injury - Legal Abuse Syndrome - PTSD

October 9, 2014.
I'm bringing this out again because, the abuse of a ex-RCMP officer is really shameful. The shame belongs with the RCMP executives for
miss-understanding the injuries they caused
to one of their own, who was so fed up with stupidity, that he committed suicide.
His symptoms were clearly Legal Abuse Injuries.
March 10, 2013

Psychic Injury    

(Abuse   PTSD)
Dr. Karin Huffer is the author of  "Legal Abuse Syndrome"  has had PTSD, recognized and approved, to allow special accommodations in the courts. Her work is phenomenal and proven in courtroom and domestic situations.
The next time you come across a "crazy woman or man" you might investigate their prior relationships, before forming any opinions.
I Interviewed Karin and have made a preview of her wonderful and effective work.  [From Dennis Grover]


"LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME (LAS) is a form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
It is a psychic injury, not a mental illness.
It is a personal injury that develops in individuals assaulted by ethical violations, legal abuses, betrayals, and fraud.
Abuse of power and authority and a profound lack of accountability in our courts have become rampant.
This adds greatly to the original distress requiring court assistance in the first place…"
Forensic Disability Specialist


Victim healed: 1 hour of peaceful and relaxing Hindu Shloka

Published on May 12, 2014
1 hour of peaceful and meditative Hindu Shloka - Nirvana Shatakam. Apart from being peaceful and meditative. Its very good for pregnant women, feel your child responding to the chants after a few days of listening...

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Victims (Pain) - Illusion or Truth - Cops Caught Lying to The Judge - Preventing Injustice

Published on Mar 9, 2015 - The Veritas Forum at UCLA, 2015.
Over the past two decades, The Veritas Forum has been hosting vibrant discussions on life's hardest questions and engaging the world's leading colleges and universities with Christian perspectives and the relevance of Jesus.



Preventing Injustice
A Society for Victims


Agents of Change.... who use the latest Science and Technologies and Organizational Change Know-How.

 Edited 3/30/15
My power to make things better, came from God and not me; His love alone.
Agents of Change.... who use the latest Science and Technologies and Organizational Change "Know-How."
Don Wesley 1933.

Why am my here ?   A great question.
To Make what is good, even better for humanity.

Don Wesley 1933.

In the back corner, is Don Wesley the man hired to change this organization - Qualcor Chemicals Inc.  This is a picture of Don's (3) Day Seminar to educate the owners and their professional employees. He took over the management of this organization for 12 months.

Every one was "amazed" by Don's great-ideas and his abilty to make them happen.
Don is spotlighted in light-red. Ben and Michael his Son have their hands
spotlighted  in light green.

How much more profit money they were to enjoy. Even the Unionized employees were happy with Don's kind and affectionate manner. It works wonders!
Ben's daughter from California (PhD - Organizational Development) came to see what Don was doing; she called him a Guru of OD.    Her name is Judith Siegel.
Ben graduated from McGill - Chemistry.

Both my sons, Steven and Michael Wesley... worked in the Qualcor mixing and filling manufacturing plants, during their summer vacation. I developed and installed the latest computer and software.
And used the new Micro-processors to replace "ladder-logic relay systems"
It was a fun time for everyone.

Denise Wesley, knew I worked here; but didn't know what her Husband...
Don did for his living wages. It is no longer a family secret. Wait to see the more amazing things her husband did complete, by believing in God and Jesus.


Published on Mar 25, 2015
This is an update with MT Keshe, the Iranian plasma physicist and nuclear scientist who is now dedicated to bringing free energy to the world. This update deals with Keshe's progress with his Foundation and announcement about the new Institute for learning that he is starting in Italy. Keshe talks with me about the healing power of his technology, how it can present a force field to protect against psycho-tronic weapons and much more... The Keshe Foundation is now setting up offices around the world including one in China and California. His Plasma Physics is poised to make oil and gas unnecessary and revolutionize the way we live and travel.

Thursday, March 26

These pictures Predicted the Witch-Crafting underway

I knew it was over and my face reveals the sorrow I felt
Denise took this picture.
Together with the one below they make a book cover for a very sad story.
She had considered and weighed all; then made her decision and I felt it and prayed.
What happen: made me a victim.
She was travelling with her sister in law and her mind was set to
destroy her husband Don Wesley 1933.

Tuesday, March 24

Seven minutes in hell..... and God spoke to him  

And God answered him and said...
"Get to know Me!"

Seven minutes in hell  

Letter from God


My Blog, is my Diary - A growing live entity.

The most easy way to enter my life is to walk through this Door ....

It rolls out for you to walk on.
Tread softy cause you're about to walk into my heart.

Monday, March 23

Mysticism ~ (Rupert Sheldrake & Matthew Fox)

I use my Body to carry my
Mind to where ever I go.

Published on Jun 8, 2013
From: Accessing the Mystic ~ Science and the Sacred



Witch Craft - Is it possible for that spirit to creep into a Christian's life today?

Now, since I learned what the practice is - Witch Crafting... it is easy to see it  happening everywhere in a Christian community culture.

I learned this when I met Monica Dennington!
Finally I have hope again.
All the arguments about the meaning of the Living Bible may end.
One big unified Body of God.
Where we each have the Freedom to Think in our own little Spiritual Church.


To see and hear Monica Dennington....  follow this link....

This is a real Gift from God.


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Sex - Facts You Won't Believe Are True

The Truth About Sex - Facts You Won't Believe Are True

Published on Mar 7, 2015
Some shocking trends regarding sexual activity and life outcomes - including the alarming reason why you haven’t already heard this information.

There is a mind-blowing correlation in this presentation that you’ve never seen before - and it's important that you know about it!
In the first part of “The Truth About Sex” series, Stefan Molyneux looks at first age of sexual activity, the number of sexual partners, single mothers, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, stable marriage, child maltreatment, divorce, crime and happiness statistics.

What is the truth about sex – and what information do you need to know before playing the big person’s game which makes real people?
Upcoming “The Truth About Sex” presentations will include a look at r/k

reproductive strategies, polyamory/monogamy, porn, the impact of fatherlessness and much much more!


ABUSED in the Court System - Not in the Military work I did.

Please help millions who are abused by those who use their temporary power. Lawyers, judges and police officers, who use code logic,
Where did common sense, drop out of our systems of Justice.


An hour ago I received from God, Just One of the many gifts He has promised us - If we believe and trust Him

It is now Sunday March 22, 2015 - 12:59 AM.
God in the Book of Job in the Bible: reveals that Job has had discussions with God.
God told Job....  that God alone, is at the highest level of a Hierarchical system of social
organizations. He will be forever our King in Heaven. We each own our own flesh and can, to a
point control it. 
God will decide the time when he cuts His electricity OFF.
We continue to live spiritually for ever, when He does disconnect our flesh from His power called Love. His affection for us is at the highest level there is.

We continue to live spiritually for ever.
God's flesh is the Holy unknown spirit, which is the mystery, we need to investigate in a scientific manner.
Well now.... it seems safe for me [with humble confidence] to say and build upon.... that God is real and exists right now; at this very moment. 
Now I can say God...  at the very least, He
gives me His me  his words to pass on to you guys.
Like a radio...  all we need to do.... is  tune  in to His frequency. I read the book of radio technology, when I
was 10 and 11 years old.
I will be 82 next month and have some little higher level of social status just because of the number of months I have lived through.
Job lived to 140 years of age. God kept him fully supplied with living
Electricity and Magnetic  Fields [The Holy Spirit]
To Everyone... I'm happy now and have a reason to live. An hour ago I received from God, The Gift of Joy.

Keep searching and learning and suddenly a new paradigm is seen.
At this point in time... God will give you the Gift I call the "Joy of having learned something new and easier to understand."

It is now 28 July 2014 at 2:47 AM
Don Wesley 1933.

The Fire-fly...
Dark Matter ...
Then for a few seconds
a "light"
The Source Field!