Tuesday, November 11

Be powerful and a highly sensitive person and have a marvelous life.

Hi, and welcome, my name is Don.
The following video, is a splendid lesson about goodness; which makes us great and powerful.
1)  To know all, would be God himself... it seems to me.
2)  Our minds are bigger; and when we are "conscious" we have more to think about.

3)  When we are un-conscious, we have more to dream about.
4)  The mind "can't be found" when probing in the brain.
5)  It appears to be outside;
6)  Our minds are uniquely human with one identity for each of us.
7)  The size of someone's "skull" does not correlate with intelligence.
8)  When we meditate and or fly "
out of body"
we are in heaven.
9)  It takes a lot of energy to do these types of thinking, even with the brighter light we are given to see with.

10) The word "sensitive" should be replaced by "powerfully-kind".
11) We can and do defeat the Devil and members of his team.
 !2)  Now put all the above together as one "mind" and think along with me

Uploaded on Jan 27, 2011
Highly Sensitive Males  - An Interview with Dr. Ted Zeff
Excerpts from an interview with Dr. Ted Zeff, clinical psychologist
and author.