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The Spirit of Contemplation

Blogged by Don April 1, 2016

The Spirit of Contemplation

'Assumption Abbey'
Part One 

Published on Aug 22, 2013

What does it mean to be a contemplative monk? What does a contemplative monk
do during the day? This video explores these questions, focusing on the Trappist monks of Assumption Abbey. Assumption Abbey is a contemplative Catholic monastery in the Ozarks Mountains, near the town of Ava in Missouri, USA. Later videos in this series of videos will show interviews with some of the monks.  
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A God's eye view of you

Re-posted by Don Wesley 1933 ~ The last day of March 2016....

Published on Nov 3, 2014
Fujiko Signs, CSB, discusses the benefits of viewing ourselves and others the way that God sees us.

 The One Eye


St. Clare of Assisi

St. Clare of Assisi
Part 1

Published on Apr 24, 2013

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All Celtic Saints

'Hieromonk Seraphim' speaks on Monastics, Monasticism
and the Monastery of All Celtic Saints.

Published on Nov 28, 2014

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Peaceful Living - The very Best

Creedon's Cities Galway Section on Poor Clares 

Peaceful Living 

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Our Lady of the Redwoods Monastery

Redwoods Monastery 

Published on Mar 1, 2013

A vocational video about the life of Roman Catholic contemplative nuns, at Redwoods Monastery in Whitethorn, California.
The sisters are Trappistines, Cistercians of the Strict Observance, a monastic order that follows the Rule of St Benedict and the Cistercian Reforms of the 11th Century.

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Victims of Self-Injury - Most sinful of all

Interviews with Victims of Self-Injury

Uploaded on Jun 2, 2011
Kary Oberbrunner chats with Terry Meeuwsen about his ten year addiction to self-
mutilation and how he found freedom and can now minister to others with the same problem. Also, Matthew Harmon and Kara Ericson talk with Terry Meeuwsen about their struggle with cutting and the steps they took to fight the addiction... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

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Wednesday, March 30

Our Vocation is a Great Gift - Poor Clares, Galway

Our Vocation is a Great Gift

Published on Aug 3, 2013
We are an enclosed contemplative community of Poor Clare sisters whose monastery is in Nuns' Island, Galway, Ireland. In fact we have been here in Galway for centuries, right back to 1642, having come through various stages from our beginnings in Gravelines, northern France, where some young Irish women had gone in search of religious life intent on returning to Ireland when persecution abated. Begun in those far off days, the same life of daily prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, is ours today.

With Peace

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Are You OK - The simple transactional analysis lesson can help all 3 of you.

This simple Transactional Analysis Lesson
can help all three of you.
Then you'll be Ok.

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When Nothing Ever Works To Feel Better

To Feel Better ...  Teal Swan

Published on Mar 26, 2016

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What is the Source of the Salt?

The Ocean - What is so important about Salt?

Objective: To learn about the Chemical and Physical Properties of the Ocean and their Role in Governing Oceanic Processes

"It is estimated that of the 332,500,000 cubic miles (mi3) (1,386,000,000 cubic kilometers (km3)) of the world's water supply, about 321,000,000 mi3 (1,338,000,000 km3) is stored in oceans. That is about 96.5 percent of the total volume on the planet. It is also estimated that the oceans supply about 90 percent of the evaporated water that goes into the water cycle."

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Tuesday, March 29

Face The Nation-Colin Powell responds to Dick Cheney

Face The Nation - Colin Powell

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Charles Bronfman and Patrick Watson on the origins of the Heritage Minutes.

Charles Bronfman

My Mother,  Helen Kerr,  a Professional Nanny from Scotland, looked after Charles and his Brother during the 1930's.
They lived in Westmount , Quebec. [Montreal center]

My Mom is in Black
This is on the Bronfman
Westmount Property Estate.
She was the Chief of the Staff.


Monday, March 28

Ecosystems Oak Tree Ecology California Agricultural Legacy

Space Dust Nanomaterials Fire Drought and Ecosystems Oak Tree Ecology California Agricultural Legacy 

Published on Mar 28, 2016
Explore the dust between the stars - and why it is so important, see how researchers explore molecules on the nanoscale to improve materials, discover why natural extremes are critical to Mediterranean ecosystems, the fate of California Oak trees, and sustaining the heritage of agriculture in California, all on this edition of On Beyond.

O'Reilly Confronts Colin Powell in Interview on Obama and GOP's Racial Politics

O'Reilly Confronts Colin Powell in Interview on Obama

General Colin Powell has been very critical of the Republican party in recent years, and tonight he appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show to defend his criticisms of the GOP. O'Reilly grilled Powell on why he continues to support President Obama despite the bad economic numbers and made him defend his claim that the Republican party has a problem with minorities. O'Reilly also brought up a criticism that Powell is just bitter with the party because they made him look bad following his 2003 speech before the United Nations on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Powell explained to O'Reilly that he was put off in 2008 and 2012 by the economic plans proposed by the Republican campaigns. He cited his long history of voting for Republicans and working for Republican presidents to assure O'Reilly of his credentials, before saying that he is "troubled" by the rightward shift of the party and decided Obama was the "best choice" for the presidency.

O'Reilly pointed out that the economy under Obama has not been particularly kind to African-Americans. Powell said that overall the economy has improved, though he acknowledged it was not enough. He criticized the Republican party for not recognizing "fundamental demographic changes" happening in the country, suggesting that if they want to endear themselves to minorities, they cannot keep pushing for immigration and voter ID laws that adversely affect minority groups.

O'Reilly pushed Powell on that last point, asking him what objection he has to voter identification. Powell said he opposes "additional levels" of ID that would disenfranchise many people, while disputing the idea that voter fraud is a widespread problem.

In the second part of the interview, O'Reilly more directly took on Powell over his claim that parts of the Republican party "still look down on minorities." O'Reilly highlighted Powell's criticisms of John Sununu and Sarah Palin for, respectively, calling Obama "lazy" and criticizing his "shuck and jive" on Benghazi. Powell clarified that he does not believe Sununu and Palin and racists, but said they used language in a context that would seem racially charged to minorities, calling their remarks two examples of a more widespread "vein of intolerance" in the party.

O'Reilly wrapped the interview by asking Powell a "rude question": there is some talk amongst Republicans that Powell just resents the GOP because they "made you look bad" following his testimony on WMDs in Iraq. Powell dismissed it as "a bunch of nonsense."

Sunday, March 27

A picture of my dream ~ How to live well in golden age.

A picture of my dream ~ How to live well in golden age.

The Four Seasons of Life.

I did plan to have this kinder way of living.

But the woman didn't agree.
she should have waited until she got a bit older.

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It is way too late now

He was a gift to us ~ Our Dog Patch

Read this story

Saturday, March 26

People Walk Past Loved Ones Disguised As Homeless

After I was out on the street, I hated them
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I was forced to stay Homeless for years:
The forces used were the Police and the Courts of Family Law, and ~ ......

Denise's Son
Denise's Brother
People Walk Past Loved OnesDisguised As Homeless
On The Street Social Experiment.

What do faces that Hate look like and
What is it we Hate?
They hated,... that
I reminded  them they weren't perfect enough to meets Gods Commands,
to Love and that I had more wealth.. [My very own Home]
To them, I was smarter than they were.  [Envy?]
Their faces have the same emotional stare.
I learned a lot about Hate this week.  Just before Easter!

Uncontrolled Anger is
the Next step Down

The most evil sin is to not to tell the truth about our Past.
Only the whole Truth is the Greatest Virtue

Friday, March 25

Oxygen Kills Cancer Cells ~ Come Walk With Me ~ Ran Down A Mountain Face ~~~Nancy

Oxygen Kills Cancer Cells ~ Come Walk With Me ~ Ran Down A Mountain Face ~~~Nancy 

Published on Mar 25, 2016
Oxygen kills cancer cells ~ I got this 'huge kid in me' --- this sod is a challenge to walk and an my breathing sounds labored. There are buds on the trees~ Strength is what makes a person feel young. When I stopped walking is when I began to feel old. Going up and down two sets of steps in my house - I feel like an old person going up the stairs today. Staying off medicines is another way that helps a person stay youthful ~ I'm not saying that you should stop taking your medicines. I'm taking my 'medicines' in the morning - which is Flax Seed Oil (Pumpkin Seed Oil if I were a man); and I use my Olive Oil on my three medium boiled eggs in the morning. I take my Spirulina today - which is fantastic! These things help me keep my blood work numbers in their right places!

The music for this video is Eden by ALBIS and Cielo by Huma-Huma and Foaters by Jimmy Fontanez / Media Rights. ~~~Nancy P.S. I hope that you are joining me for a walk~
Thank you!

Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Sodium Chlorite, How I Use It, Mix It, What It Does ~~~Nancy

Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Sodium Chlorite,
How I Use It, Mix It, What It Does ~~~Nancy


Faces don't Lie.

A Face that hates people who are Best

Look at the two wondering ladies: seeing this Hater peering into his camera
Red Shirt ~ Red nose and Cheeks.
The Overwhelming look of Hate.

A Face that Loves everyone

It is an everlasting Spiritual Mental Disorder.


Sonic Geometry ~ The Language of Frequency and Form

Sonic Geometry ~ The Language of Frequency and Form 

 Published on Sep 21, 2013
UPDATE! You can now experience Sonic Geometry LIVE inside the world famous Integratron near Joshua Tree, California! We will be hosting numerous events inside this amazing "Cellular Rejuvenation Machine" in 2016, and you are invited to participate in our ongoing experiments there.
Throughout history, numerous clues and hints regarding geometry and frequency have been staring at us, calling to us, and waiting for us to put them into place like pieces of a giant puzzle. Here at the dawn of a new age, this sonic-geometric puzzle is finally nearing completion, revealing the building blocks of a language based on energy, frequency and form.
How will we use it? With whom will we be communicating? Now that we know the basics of this new language, maybe we are ready to begin the conversation.... again?

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Don will get his share 2009 ~ 2016

It was my house they took over and sold
I haven't got one cent back
There were no threats whatsoever from Don.
According to Denise: Don was the Kindest Man she ever met
What I did get was a moral injury called PTSD
And one Big Divorce Invoice

I forgave everyone 5 years ago
However I keep remembering everything including the financial and psychological abuse
It is normal to feel abused.


Don will get his share 2009 ~ 2016

God remembers everything for ever and ever!
There are tiny lies and big filthy lies!
Lies by Liars - Lies are the ultimate Evil.
The problem is which personality said "The Kindest man"

DNA and The True Cause of Disease

DNA and The True Cause of Disease

Mineral deficiency

The Secret Cause of Hate

The Secret Cause of Hate

Published on Mar 19, 2016

Hatred is the emotional state of deep and extreme dislike, aversion or hostility towards someone or something. Hatred is perhaps the most extreme form of vibrational resistance to something. What causes hatred? The perception of threat. The
perception that something or someone in your life diminishes something you hold dear. A threat is something that is likely to cause danger or damage. In other words, it is something that is likely to hurt you. In this episode, Teal explains hatred in depth
and also teaches us how to diminish it in ourselves.

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Everyday I collect ideas that interest me; for my many moods and other reasons.  Then on unexpected days I put a few...  together and a new story appears with this "different-context" that draws in other good minds. Everything grows organically.
Remember ~ that light is the evidence of an electrical current!  ~ Power!

Thursday, March 24

What Your Poop Says About You (For Serious)

What Your Poop Says About You

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What The Color of Your Urine Says About You

What The Color of Your Urine

Published on Dec 5, 2013
Do you ever wonder what color your pee should be? Well, here is the answer! If you are healthy then your urine should be pale
yellow to clear in color. It should not be neon yellow, dark yellow or any other color. It should not be purple or something,
in that case you have to contact your doctor immediately.

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Kids need structure ~ Colin Powell

I never met Colin, but I got to know more about him when I became a Member of TED.
TED meaning, Technology, Entertainment and ... Design.

He is a bit younger than me, but we both became Commissioned Officers: Both of us from less wealthy Homes; [almost Starving in my case].

I was Protestant and think he was Catholic.
We both believed that teenaged kids wanted to become Warrior type Men, who could defend, not only our country but all of Humanity.

I found out that many truly hated us.
My own Children wanted their own type of chaotic dysfunctional behaviour approved by their Mother Denise, my very own Catholic wife.

What wives can do when
you are not following them everywhere:
deception happens to pop up everywhere.

This all fits in with my divorce
that delivered my second case
of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ~ PTSD.
The first fair injury happened in 1952;
when I became a Military Officer, at the age of 19.
I was one of those kids who was ready to be a real Man.
My Mother was very proud of me.

I feel Colin would have made a very
wise and truthful President of the

The Wonder of Seven - The Chestahedron

Published on May 27, 2014
Description below by Robert Otey:
Frank gives the clearest presentation to date of the core work he has done regarding his discovery of the 7 sided Chestahedron. The Chestahedron is a 7 sided geometric figure which is similar to so-called Platonic Solids, in that all of the faces have the same amount of surface area. The difference being that the Chestahedron has 2 types of faces, Triangles and Kites, whereas the platonic solids only have one type of face. In this presentation we were able to highlight and showcase many aspects of his previous lectures which were difficult to see and understand in past presentations. The Green screen allowed us to place images and videos next to Frank which brought greater detail and clarity to his work. We hope this gives all students of his work a more concise description to study this Geometrician's great achievements.

Frank's work is revealing the unseen magnetic space geometries described by Walter and Lao Russell which give form to so-called matter and substance in our electric Universe of ever changing spiraling temporal motions. Frank's work is a major confirmation and validation of the exhaustive and extensive Cosmology authored by the Russell's based on their divine illumination.



Why do flies and insects die in the Spiritual Research Centre

Published on Oct 15, 2014

"Can flies and insects spontaneously die in normal conditions within a couple of hours? At the Spiritual Research Centre such a phenomenon is taking place. Through spiritual research we have a clue why this is happening. SSRF appeals to scientists and researchers for further study."

Uploaded on Sep 17, 2011
An introduction to research on Spirituality, happiness, chants, mind, body, health, destiny, sixth sense, ghosts, possession and healing by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF).

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They are dying in my new house.
The lady bugs are easier to trap in appealing hot water
in the kitchen sink.
Every few hours, I remove the stopper plug,
and down the draining vortex
they simply flow away, through the sink holy hole.

Wednesday, March 23

7 Signs You Should Be Taking Probiotics

7 Signs You Should Be Taking Probiotics

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The Germ Files

The Germ Files ~ Surprising ways germs can improve health 

Published on Feb 7, 2016
Author Jason Tetro's new book looks at why some germs are actually good for you and the surprising ways they can improve health.

The Germ Files ~ Surprising ways germs can improve health
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daddy's little girl with lyrics

January 1, 2014.

I prayed for a baby girl, but God gave me three boys.
Steven my son gave us the privilege of holding his precious baby girls.

Grandpa Don Wesley

The pictures, a few weeks before showed the faces of happy children.
Zoe & Zayne Wesley