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Gregg Braden - The Key to True Harmony

Thinkers are the Key - Jesus.



Borderline Personality Disorder in your family ?

Hi and Welcome. My Name is Don.  -

I have personally met many with this dis-order and have learned to see them accurately.  They can also be very beautiful souls. Don't judge anyone before knowing yourself and the one you are having trouble with.
Watching this video can help you learn sooner; however, expect to learn slowly.

This video, defines Personality Disorder in general and more specifically defines Borderline Personality Disorder. The symptoms and treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder are discussed.

If their behavior seems "odd" at times; it maybe BPD.


How do we know if there is a God?

Brought to our attention again December 5, 2014.
Welcome, my name is Don.

Uploaded on Dec 18, 2010

Does God exist? How do we know if there is a God? In a world of skepticism, is it still possible to believe?
Tim Keller, speaker, author, and senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, addresses the challenges posed to belief in the contemporary world.

Tim Keller - Reason for God 

Neuroscience and the Emerging Mind: A Conversation with the Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama engages with Larry Hinman of the University of San Diego, V.S. Ramachandran of UC San Diego and Jennifer Thomas of San Diego State University in a scientific and philosophical discussion of human consciousness. This is the final event of the Dalai Lama's "Compassion Without Borders" tour sponsored by San Diego's three largest universities. Series: 


Humans are Mechanical - College of One Look - COOL

Organic and Non-organic; and the need to measure and Count.
Let us use, The College of One Look - COOL
The Heat we need to Boil water for Coffee!
The Paper Cups and Waste bags.
The Tim Hortons; drive-ins.
The BTUs -Joules and Kilowatts.
They turned down the thermostat and wondered why temperature kept rising?
We have too many Fridges, Freezers, Stoves, and TV's running. And Coffee and Tea Cups in the Dish washer using Hot Water.
The Furnace Blower Motor is running and circulating air; and we wonder why temperature keeps rising? It seems to me, we need to count, measure, listen, meditate and see life as it really is. We need the Wisdom we are not Born with.

Hi and welcome to my short story. As you can see, my name is Don Wesley.

I was born in 1933, when times were tough. I was my Mother's last child and she was 40; when she, with, help delivered me. I was 12 pounds and 13 ounces at birth. 
My Dad was 50 and had 4 boys before me. 

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I mention these facts, because my hypothesis is that older people have learned more about life, and their last children have those older genes.
My Dad was only a Master Mechanic and my Mother was a smart and a well trained Nurse. Both were from Great Britain.  Both were hired by the most wealthy people in Canada; at that time.
They were at work and left me alone to sleep in my little crib. They, it seems, taught me how to Meditate, both Consciously and at the Sub level.
What I saw and learned, was mostly beautilful. The confusing and frightening stuff; they taught me to ignore.
One could say I was brought up without parents. Imagine, being in a forest alone, without parents!

However they did prepare me to live this way.
I am very mechanical; and kind and caring like the Nurse my Mother was. They taught me how to pray; a bit more than the Bible has provided.
To cut to the end... "I see Humans are Mechanical objects, as One big Category to study, first of all.

I'm 81 now, and see this way of explaining how small differences in words can separate us; is worth thinking about.  Pathogens are small microbes with different personalities in our
bodies, who invent themselves to kill us. However, what we have in our own body, can invent chemical proteins to kill them.
God has given all this to us to use.
We learn from God over the wireless spiritual waves.
When I was 5,6,7 the radio captured our imagination and we learned about Superman and Batman and other heroes and that made us feel happy.

By the time I was 17, the military life for me, was no surprise. By 19, I was a military Officer in the Signal Corps.
Denise is a very determined person.

I live alone again... my partner Denise invented a new social pathogen-mask for herself and left me; before killing me. She inherited the "kindness" genes from her father. Her mother would have said "get rid of him" and get a new mechanical machine. Thank God, Denise was given the wisdom of her father. I loved her father most of all.

The boys at that time were cute little devils.

I made Denise pregnant too young.
Both my boys were little devils.
Love to every One.
Uncle Don

or just plain  Dad.