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("I think you have actually been mistreated by your lawyers.")

Today, is November 12, 2014, and I just checked my blog stats, to see what has been read by anyone this afternoon.
This titled one,  -- "BE warned,after filing a complaint, your lawyer may be hostile towards you." appeared."

I had just posted at noon today - "A Victim - are you or have you been, someone's Victim?"

The following email from [blank] was from a young woman who was at the University of Ottawa. She had worked for her mother who is a lawyer. [Blank], wrote me this email to help me. We lived in the same apartment building in Ottawa. Her email gave me a little hope. I replaced her name to read [blank] at her request. She said---

 ("I think you have actually been mistreated by your lawyers.")



From: [Blank]
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2011 8:41 PM
Subject: Discussion
Hi Don,
We met in [Blank] . As promised I am sending an email to highlight what we talked about. Please, just let me say again, the advice I am giving you should not be considered "legal". My knowledge of the law is anecdotal at  best (and then only with regards to [Blank]) and since I am not a lawyer nor have ever attend law school, I am not qualified to dispense advice of that type. The advice is mostly what I would do in this case and logical assumptions from what you have told me.

If what you said in person, and what you have written on the blog is correct, then I think you have actually been mistreated by your lawyers.

I would recommend writing to your lawyer and seeing if you can get a copy of your file as it stands now. Make sure to keep a copy of the letter and the receipt from the post office. Also make sure to include in your letter that you would like a response from him no later than ______.
Set the date for two weeks from a reasonable time for him to have received the letter. If you get a favourable response, then hopefully you will get your files quickly and you can work from there. If he says he refuses to give you the files and does not offer a reason, then you keep that letter. If he says he will give you the files after you settle your account, then do your best to settle the account and
then request the letters again. (do not use cash, check or money order only and keep a photocopy of everything)
If after you have paid the account, he refuses to give you the files, then you move on to step 2.

Contact the Law Association, or the related body in [Blank]. File a complaint with them stating that the lawyer proceeded in the matter with no input from you, without you being aware of any court dates and/or without your presence at any of these dates. They are only concerned with his professional conduct. If you have proof that documents were tampered with at the court level, (ie the pictures you mentioned) you can include those but avoid mentions of conspiracies, rather mention that you were not consulted about any of the facts put forth by your attorney.

(On an unrelated note, I am amazed he was able to do anything without you there, considering how many of those documents require your signature.)

BE warned, after filing a complaint, your old lawyer may be hostile towards you, however, you should also notify him prior to this, in writing, that you are giving him legal notice that you are withdrawing him as your attorney. Now here you may come into a little problem. The court has to know at all times who your representation is. Once you do this, you will have to file a motion of change of representation. You should be able to find the forms online and fill them out. You will now be in charge of your case.

You mentioned you had some advice from some professors, this would be a good time to get their advice on how to proceed.

At this time, if you have proof that you have lost money due to your wife's actions, slander, etc. You might have a civil case. You would need to consult with a civil litigator to see if you have a case. You might have to pay a consultation for your first appointment, this is normal. It is the cost of a first appointment. Just because you meet with him and pay his initial appointment fee does not mean he is obligated to represent you, but it does mean he will take a look at your case, get an idea of its viability, and this would be time to discuss working on a contingency basis or getting one of those legal loans for civil cases. From this point, a lawyer would be better able to advise you if you have a case.

On a secondary note, if after all this you find yourself in the same situation, no money and no legal representation. You might want to consider settling with your wife, if only to have the whole process over and done with, and to allow yourself to concentrate on getting media attention on your situation. As someone who has worked in both these industries let me warn you, any mention of [Blank],   etc. will get you [Blank].

I hope this helps. Once you get your files from your lawyer, I might be able to read them over and give you an opinion.
Sincerely [Blank]
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2011 9:54 AM
To: [Blank]
Subject: Re: Discussion
Dear [Blank]
Meeting you and [Blank] is a great experience for me; thank you so very much.
I am pleased that you have visited my blog and I am happy to see your conclusions. ("I think you have actually been mistreated by your lawyers.")
I will get back to you very soon.
Love to both of you

“We forget nothing in life; unless we have brain damage.”

I wrote this a few years ago

To my Sweetheart,

Many I meet, tell me to forget and move on!


I reply to them “We forget nothing in life; unless we have brain damage.”

And after 47 years of knowing you I can never put you out of my mind. We declared ourselves to be soul mates before our marriage and on our marriage day. And you and I had wonderful experiences of loving one another and all our family relationships.

I was able to do extraordinary work during my life, but that ability of mine has been all but totally destroyed, by your unconscionable doings.

Moving me from my Home to Homelessness did the destructive work.

Today, as during all days past, I have real soul thoughts about you my Sweetheart Denise. 

You have hurt me, many times during the 47 years, and I have always understood and forgiven you. And I forgive you today. You did do much wrong to me!

Very unfortunately, you associated yourself at NBC with many very ignorant people and those associations finally brought on a “man-made” tsunami of devastation. You brought on a Court Case of pure evil. I am living through the devastation of those Court actions right now.

My full name, Donald John Wesley, and those of my descendants will carry forth the “John  Wesley” names:
1. Christopher John Wesley
2. Steven John Wesley
3. Michael John Wesley

 It is my intention that the true history of your “man-made” devastation will be made known to all. In compiling this history, I will reveal everything that I know to be true. The Wesley name will survive as written history.

 I was told by your family members (at your mother’s death) that you were a victim of your fathers anger; which was a traumatic event in your life giving rise to your need to kill me as Dr. Lundell predicted you would.

 I truly love you my sweetheart. It is still my faint hope that we will be together again as a family. In the meanwhile I am publishing our history as I know it to be, the only truth.

Click on Picture to enlarge

Your loving husband

Gods' Seeds of Kindness, are In Us.

I again, bring this post today April 16/17, 2015, because I love what is in it to see and share with you.

These "seeds" are Islands of Heavenly behaviour.

And this is the most precious way to think.... with the power of kindness in our hearts.
February 3, 2015 when the weather outside is cold at 28 below zero.
Look and see the Mother who takes care of her kids while they play and practice fighting.

HABITS, keep us repeating.
Hearts , encourage change.

What moves us to change?
Changing in a way, you never thought you would.
I not only know God; we work together as partners.
You can be a partner.

Now that you have found me - Follow me.


READ and watch until you feel... something must change in you, if the cruel world is to change. Let no one decide what changes will be done for you.

These organic Social Seeds, with-in  us .... staying warm.... friendly and ....kind.
Meanness, hides in the shadows.

KINDNESS, reciprocates in those around us. It is a very powerful emotion and heals.  Hate is inclined to kill.  Don Wesley.

I'm outgoing enough to be kind.
Most often it reciprocates immediately.
I'm inclined to be suspicious of those who are indifferent.   

Too many of that type are
passive aggressive.
I promise to love everyone, even if I dislike their behaviour.
I keep trying to heal the obsessive narcissist since I was 7. It is impossible, it seems.
They demean before we even say hello to them. They are smart but ignorant. If God gives me the ultimate perfect power I'll repair them.


 This child is a partner, with God

'There is a part of me, that has always been young, and wondering who my love would be. There is also,  the part that is old; it was there when I was young. Todays consciousness, is 81.
I love God now.:Jesus is more reliable.
Being young and full of the wondering emotions with all it's outer expressions, is what reveals the "dreamy spiritual" world.
Watch their eyes, young or old, and you can see them, looking into the "spiritual world." and blind to world we live in. It is a state of being, called Love. 
Being young in heart, is a virus that we must keep; in packages of Seed.  Rx - To use in times of need and as an hourly vitamin.
Don - 12:25 PM 12/12/14

 If you can't give these baths to your newborn child; rent someone who can.


Hi and welcome in and meditate for moment ...
Or three and more.
Give your pet a treat.

My name is Don and I am ...81.
I know these beautiful seeds exist and, are In front of our own eyes.

You can see them if you choose to do so. They use the power of Kind-ness, which you can ...feel.
They overcome,  ... the flood of Mean-ness and the Mess... we see today.

I met and joined one,
this last summer, and he is 51. Denis Mallet.

I meet with him, several times a week;
He is my young mentor

Here is my niece, Claudia, who is kind.
She was, caring for my kind nephew,

he passed away a few weeks ago. RIP.

[please accept the category name]
These social seeds, are human and grow from within our selves.

One other seed is 82 .....  My old friend, Vic Roth.

The little grandson is "Super KIND."
He is "teaching his grand dad" to improve. One young Mentor. They are everywhere, but hard to find.
We all have these organic social cells in us. They compete with pathogens who choose to defeat us.
Please accept the word picture.... I'm drawing out for us.
Before we humans came here ...there were other animals here.

The animals have been around since before our lands [for family homes] were marked out and protected by Dogs, who barked out - this is our land and Home. Those bears in video are God's mighty teachers.

Our Dogs and Birds are here to be our teachers. I had both at one time; before being cast into Homelessness.
When I meditate....

 I'm at Home with God. He serves me.

We have the area...  to set up
Colleges of schools -
One Look & Learn.
If you really stop, ... take the time to see animals with emotions learn by watching their parents.
It is really amazing and some would say "Cool" .....

"College of one Look"

Please remember this is a word picture being painted.
I'll stop here to clean my space and rest a little and enjoy what I have already painted.
You can also see by what I and millions of others have done, for thousands of years. What they have is very complete and complicated to learn.
Meanwhile meditate about the power of Kindness...and..
Use the electric energy that comes from the love up above.
The Sun is not hot at all!  It is cold and filled with Electrical current's and their Magnetic fields.  I'll be back soon, to paint with more words and pictures.

My own Family Circa 1970-80

There are some social seeds here in my family who still have a few bags of nasty seeds: Pathogens they need not eat.
Just look at them from top to bottom and their  emotional expressions and try to predict how they have behaved, now that they are adults now.
Some, are the few who hide in the shadows. They use their intellect
for evil to become richer?  

Her mother passed on too early and left this child to sing from her heart.


This child below cared for his mother while she was dying.
He is the child in the outdoor tub, with his grand dad (82)

 They have enormous un-used power and turned ON to it.


This child is a partner, with God 

This video should make you feel something.If it doesn't, start to think.
What is missing?

 This child is a partner, with God

HABITS, keep us repeating.
Hearts , encourage change.

What moves us to change?
Changing in a way, you never thought you would.
I not only know God; we work together as partners.
You can be a partner.

Now that you have found me - Follow me.

God of Wonders - Scientists prove Almighty God's existence through Science       ~    August 15, 2015.

Uploaded on Aug 23, 2011
This documentary shows the works of GOD Almighty through science and nature. No longer can non believers declare the non existence of God in Science. The scientists in this documentary are some of the highest regarded in the scientific community. This wonderful documentary is great for families and friends. Enjoy.

I love God and all He commands us to do for each other; minute by minute .