Tuesday, December 11

Understanding our huge social problem of family dysfunction and resulting Crime

December 11, 2012

Dear Vic, I am pleased with your understanding of our huge social problem
of family dysfunction; causing the huge costs of crime.
You are absolutely right as you say:
“You went to Dr.Lundell, for how many years, working on your family problems,
now as then, you can't take this burden on your own.”
Thank you old pal. I have been listening to beautiful music all morning.

This 2012 Christmas will the the fifth since Denise, my wife of 49 years left home without any warning.
As a Bank of Montreal VP declared it is an Insane idea, to separate at this age. The BMO is where I had my Home LOC.
The BMO stills shows my home address as being 6 Hazel Drive.
I am composing my “Xmas Open Blog Letter” to reveal the perpetrators of Evicting me and fraudulently selling my house and dumping my moveable's on the street, during the summer of 2009. I hope they will be found guilty. I am not alleging the crimes, I have delivered the Informatons [complete without need for more police work]  The Montreal Police were made aware of my several complaints.
This Xmas will be the fifth since they executed their criminal plan; one they designed, earlier, for almost a year .
My open letter will bruise them a little, but nothing compared to what they have done to me.
It has to be open because they do not reveal their addresses to me.

They refuse to talk about what is in their shameful past.
I have been very patient. I hope they will react to the little push. I gave the Federal Police, the RCMP all the Criminal Information describing the crimes they have committed. I also gave the Montreal Urban Police notice that the RCMP have the complete signed Informations which I delivered to them in the spring of this year at the Westmount Offices in Montreal.
They moved me from my  Home to Homelessness. I slept in my automobile in weather at 17 degrees below freezing, during 2009/10

I have been cruelly hurt by their actions, which they think will never be uncovered.
They are unaware of the crimes that I have solved in my life time of 79.5 years.

Before I die, it is my intent to see this crime hit the national news and justice obtained.
It is also Elder Abuse.

It takes much too long to get any justice; if any.
I remember all too well what Fred Lundell said, which was, “that Denise my wife, would kill me.”

She was a victim of child abuse also known as a “child of rage.” I believe that it is also called “Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder.”
Both Steven and Michael were also identified as having a serious genetic-based disorder. As you know, Steven is a Psychiatrist himself.

They did give me a lot of serious trouble as children, still I love them, but hate what they have done to me now.
I do need to see Justice, not only for me, but for other victims of family conflict. It is the hidden crime within families. It is not a problem that can be addressed by a family court. And as you saw in the Montreal news paper this morning, the waiting time for Psychiatrist in Quebec is years.
Most all of us [30% it is reported] have been injured by “attachment dis-orders” which result in mental problems named in the DSM-IV

We only hear very little until the Murders are seen in the News.
Your support over the past four years reveals your compassion. It inspires me to work with a passion to reveal what what is happening to our families. This is a huge social problem, destroying too much wealth.

Love to you and Maureen and your wonderful family.
Until soon
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To: Don Wesley
Subject: Re: I just awaken from a horrible dream that was too real

I think you have done enough research on psychopaths. You have established who they are in your family, and
out of your family.  Now tune it out. Tune in to something that will uplift you.
Or as you say, you might drive yourself to madness. Then when they put you away, you will really have
an opportunity to have contact with the very people that you are talking about. I say, as a friend, you need
some professional help, to get you more peace-of-mind. You went to Dr. Lundell, for how many years, working
on your family problems, now as then, you can't take this burden on your own.


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Subject: I just awaken from a horrible dream that was too real

I was fighting some young men pushing them out of my house;
when I awoke and realized I was in a dream.
 It is like I am going crazy.