Friday, September 7

God or Religion - You have a Choice

Hello again Moonstroller,
here is my latest point-of-view-answer
to your “clever question.”
While away from Ted, my thinking returned
to your Question-based-conversation about God.
The question is about God
and the Paragraphs are about Religion.
That makes for tricky conversation because,
1 - With Religion you need the other;
can’t have one without the other [Old song]
2 - With God you get rid of the other
and keep the money in your own pocket.
So..... I started my life talking to God,
at 3 years of age
and I am now 79.5;
and he still my best and longest friend
and he hasn’t borrowed a dime.
He is just so kind and loving,
and he gave "me" life.

The stories we will tell you about life will fill a Book.

You can have it for a dollar !

All the best and until soon,
Don Wesley [From The Silent Generation - the 30's]