Thursday, November 21

"Evict Men from Home without Sufficient Evidence"

"Evict Men from Home without Sufficient Evidence"

My Eviction, happened on July 31, 2009 and the Family Court processing seemed to end on June 9, 2013. I'm still homeless and in my Base Camp Rooming House, eating crackers and cheese.

Service Canada is investigating; 'Anew' the identity problem, and I'll be 81 in 2014... 50 years since the day I married Denise Prevost and she became Mrs. Denise Wesley.

The only "one" Marriage Contract we agreed to, before that marriage day on April 11, 1964, required one afternoon before a Judge to dissolve. ...

What happened to all the documents during those 4 years. [I kept copies of everything]

Something funny is going on here.
One dead fish has two sides to study; symmetrical sides.
Evil is not a little virus but one half of a living being.

"Evil belongs entirely to the symmetry and dynamic of human life---and is indispensable to it." Lance Morrow - An investigation (Copyright 2003.)