Wednesday, June 18

We need new thinking help, until the end of our lives. I'm 81 now, with insufficient knowledge.

We need new thinking help
until the end.

When evil is the farthest thought, from our minds; we still need help, to get through to the end of our lives.
When I became a young military officer and gentle-man,  at the age of 19, I soon created a situation, where it was imperative, that I marry the lady who became pregnant, with my child; Christopher John Wesley.
Years later after the annulment of this first marriage; I married Denise in 1964. We had two boys.
I went to Doctor Lundell, with all my family, to get some understanding of what and how something I didn’t understand, was hurting my Family.He saw all of my family members, to enable him to solve the problem.
My two families, included Christopher; my first adopted son, when I was 24; in 1956.

I married Denise and we had two boys; Steven and Michael.
Doctor Lundell, eventually told me, Denise would "kill" me. Over the years, he found an evil Demon. To have a more complete understanding of the problem before me; please see - Deadly Women - Intellect Used For Evil -

I used "YouTube" to find more understanding.
To see a more complete understanding now - “A Borderline "Discussion” -

I thank God for this opportunity to tell everyone.
I’m 81 now. I have been married for 57 years.
The truth must be revealed, before I pass-on.
Don Wesley

Thoughts for Leaders and Followers.

I will spend today and tomorrow to build a new little story.
In the meanwhile  enjoy the following story.