Monday, June 22

Gods' Power is (live) and He tells to use it now - today

We work for God and I'm here to remind you of this fact: I don't want to see you in a coffin. I'm calling you now; it is late and I know that.

Not to use His Power, is [evil] live
Use it now to stop evil people. People of the lie; there many among us right at this very moment; even our own family members. They can be very, very dangerous.
God is the one God of the moment; not one of the future.
He has given you a space suit to live in; we call it a body.
He has also, given you an appointment called death.

Don't fear using the power he has already given you; think about your life in the coffin; the one you will purchase for your self.


It Is No Secret - What God can do !


Uploaded on Jan 26, 2010
The Nora Aunor Classic
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