Friday, April 24

10-year old mentally collapsed on stage

I need to shed tear sometime ...
Join me ...



George Carlin - National Press Club

I'm here... because I believe this soul-mate...

I thought he was very rude;
years ago.
A tough Irishman from the big city New York.

Now I think; he suggests a few truths.


We are many who search for God and the Peace he provides us.

Thoughts visiting me
this morning - April 24, 2015.
We are many who search for God, and the Peace he provides us.
There are also more who call themselves religious just to be  part of the social club. We who love the Peace he gives us as a gift; are more likely to be true lovers.
Even as I grow older my need to love
everyone more....  grows towards peaceful gardens. We buy land and a house and grow a home.
I think that those who make families move from their homelands are cruel people.  It take years to grow a home. It took me over 40 years to grow Our home. All that while she didn't tell she wanted an apartment. [?]

God sent me a way to think about lovers who hold back; the truth.


100 Tons Space Junks Will Fall Down to Earth 2015



What do the Bible Codes say about the years 2015 & 2016 (Part 1)

Published on Nov 12, 2014

I work for God only - I really mean what I say and answer the question What is wealth ?

I'm retired now and collect my adequate pension provided by the nation I live in. My savings are in my tiny pocket; with just enough cash; in case I loose my Bank card for a day or two.
My excess cash I leave in the Bank; and the bankers don't charge me a cent to leave it in their pockets: they lend cash to people and make interest profits using my spare cash. The Bankers are the too rich people I have to care for: they have our spare cash. What is wealth: getting cash at no cost and renting at evil rates like $30.00 a month for $1000.00... of my money.
You to can get a smaller part of the game they play with our money. The game is not Monopoly!

There is a better system; but the Devil keeps their eyes away from it. Their eyesight I'm healing with knowledge.

I work for all Gods people who continue to be too sinful; the too rich and those who believe they don't need God.
I do heal people also.



If you Love God through the Good and Bad times - You have had conversations with Him.

If you Love God through the Bad and Good times - You will have more conversations with Him.

You will be able to discern when those words of yours [that seem to slip-in and onto the tip of your tongue]  are actually words from God, himself.

The book of Job is named for its main character, a righteous man who was very rich. Even after losing everything he owned and suffering terrible injuries. Job still confessed his love for God.

After hearing from his wordy-friends with no knowledge: then God spoke and showed his mighty power.

Job finally admitted that God is too great and wonderful for us to understand.  This is from, The Holy Bible and from The Old Testament within.
I have used these cartoon type videos to reduce the reading time in the complicated Bible.