Friday, November 13

DNA (Evolution Vs. God Movie)

We can't see Microbes under any Microscopes.
We can't see God either.
They say "under the microscope of the Scientific Method"
Published on Aug 6, 2013
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Hear expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists from some of the world's top
• Peter Nonacs, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA
• Craig Stanford, Professor, Biological Sciences and Anthropology, USC
• PZ Myers, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Minnesota Morris
• Gail E. Kennedy, Associate Professor, Anthropology, UCLA
A study of the evidence of vestigial organs, natural selection, the fifth digit, the relevance of the stickleback, Darwin's finches and Lenski's bacteria—all under the microscope of the Scientific Method—observable evidence from the minds of experts. Prepare to have your faith shaken.


"You raise me up" - Celine Tam - China Kid's Talents

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It is now Friday 13, November 2015.  
I'm here... because I believe these children are gifts from God. It brings us instant happiness!

Why am my here ?  
To make what is good, even better for humanity. The INN of JUSTICE is a collection of personal reflections, essays, and conversations about life; which contributes to the knowledge of God's Good Families.
Everyday, if I'm feeling a little down, I go and find... a child who sings with her heart and uses His power of Kindness.

Dennis my young Mentor; found such child and immediately sent me her voice to hear... with the power of His Love. Here it is for you now. All the way from China!