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Birth of a Language ~ English

Published on Jul 27, 2013


John Wesley - Christian Movie

Edifying Others,  ...........................................
Published on Aug 8, 2013   -    This movie's plot reveals that Wesley's mental assent to information about the Gospel, concerned Wesley's Father enough to confront His son about truly not being continually saved by the witness of God. This movie reveals Wesley's struggle with the fruit by-produce of Arminianism and how a synergistic salvation will always produce the doubting of carnal works.
Man's natural mind trying to interpret Scripture will inevitably bring the leaven and spread of man made doctrines and the honest doubting Wesley knew.
This is a copy ,,,
Doctrinal Regeneration is just as dangerous and damning as Decisional Regeneration. Although John Wesley was Semi-Pelagian Arminian doctrinally.
The ultimate proof to you of your salvation is in the continual witness of the Holy Spirit presence produced by the hearing of abiding
in the doctrine of Christ 2 John 1-9-11.
This testifies to us, our regeneration by the Holy Spirit and love for God's Word. Which in turn, God's Holy Word the Bible, witnesses back to us the truth concerning our new birth and life in the Holy Spirit witness. Without this continual witness of the Holy Spirit, mans fleshly wisdom and carnal mind is all that is known.

We walk and Talk as one person ~ In fact we are Two - Eyes of Peace

You have "5"precious videos to watch  


This will help explain ~ Out of body flying or NDE. This may be the first explanation without a Medical Doctor to confuse us all.

Eyes of Peace

After learning about the "Primer Fields" you can imagine the light is a wave of light; like radio waves and sound waves: all these waves carry things to and from us. Light waves carry energy to all parts of the whole universe and beyond faster than the speed of light.
It is what carries Gods' love to us and how we communicate with God.
It carries us to our second self which is weightless and can fly.
We are made up of magnetic cups, as revealed the video above.






The Value of a Soul ~ The Electric Universe

God will not hear your prayer when you.... ?

Robert Redford ~ Inside The Actors Studio

Published on Apr 17, 2015
Inside The Actors Studio with Robert Redford.
Robert Redford discusses personal struggle, a liver transplant that saved his son's Jamie's life.