Saturday, February 13

An amazing walk on Christ: The Rock

When I was a child, My Father Zachary never seemed to stop hugging me.

He also taught me the add-on prayer...
Not found in the Bible....

'Now I lay me down to sleep
God keep me safe
If I die before I awake
God please take my soul with you'

What did your Dad tell you?

I have no trouble believing in God
Even today at 82; I still feel the arms of God Hugging Me.

I taught my 3 Boys the very same way to live. But never predict!
I'll let them tell you, how they now live, out on the limbs of Christ.

1965 ~ He is a psychiatrist now.

My 3rd Son Michael in 2008 - unhappy ?
The Family Bully

My Dad and mechanical Me 1934 ~ Happy
And my boys lovely Mom

It was a wonderful Family.
What breaks-up a family ?
Can it be glued back together;
Before I die?

China-dolls last for ever.
This is what I now study.
Mechanical things all get recycled.
Bible History is not reliable.

Steven sits in front of his Mom
Michael the youngest is wearing the white shirt
 [like an angel]
Now Steven has the eye-glasses and Michael no longer needs glasses to see.
How  could I have predicted this?

The Eugenics of Social Darwinism ~ Scientific Racism ~ Happening Now?

The Eugenics of Social Darwinism ~ Scientific Racism ~ Happening Now?

God is in my mind, and the History of eugenics .  

We all get instructions from the intelligent Mind and they come to us in DNA steps. Just one little step-error and we miss-understand what God hasn’t finished saying to us; as individuals. 

The idea of eugenics to produce better human beings has existed at least since Plato suggested selective mating to produce a guardian class. The idea of eugenics to decrease the birth of inferior human beings has existed at least since William Goodell (1829-1894) advocated the castration and spaying of the insane.
It appears the same thing is happening now; using the Internet and the Social services on it.