Friday, April 1

Vanier Institute of the Family. - "Without family in our society, we have Marxism."

"Without family in our society, we have Marxism."
Dr. Wilder Penfield,
Past  President of the Vanier Institute of the Family.
Read his book
"Man and his Family."

"The Vanier Institute of the Family began its work in 1965 immediately following The Canadian Conference on the Family convened at Government House by Their Excellencies, Governor General Georges P. Vanier and Mme Pauline Vanier.  That founding conference brought together distinguished men and women from all walks of life, each of who knew that the contribution of families is vitally important, and ultimately shapes the world in which we live.
Governor General Vanier’s vision to create an enduring organization dedicated to the cause of our society through the family was supported by the leadership of Canada’s renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Wilder Penfield.  Basic to his commitment to the role of the Vanier Institute of the Family was his belief that it is the family that shapes us as individuals and ultimately serves as the essential cornerstone of our society.
It was the combination of Vanier’s vision, Penfield’s determination and the support of Lester B. Pearson that succeeded in the creation of a legacy that they left to the Canadian people.  The tangible expression of that legacy took the form of a six million dollar endowment fund, representing the generosity of governments, foundations, businesses, faith groups and individuals.  It is these funds which, well-invested, have grown over the years and continue to support the core programs of the Institute."