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A Young Shy Girl Walks On Stage, but within Seconds Everyone’s Jaw Hit The Floor


Sleep-loss looks like Dementia - However it is not Dementia

To -   Dr. Vikas Bhagirath
From - Don Wesley
Wednesday, ‎May ‎31, ‎2017  ~  12:18:10 PM
Subject  -  Dementia  and Drivers Licence

Dear Dr. Vikas Bhagirath
When I left your office on Monday afternoon, I went to Service-Ontario in Winchester to get the forms you told me get.
They had no such Forms.
I told them; my  right to drive was removed by my Doctor.
I gave them my license which they immediately verified: I still had my right to drive.
She said "What you  heard is only gossip"
My volunteer driver drove me home.
I opened my mailbox and opened a letter from Service Canada:  A copy is attached.
This morning I had a call from your Secretary saying I must attend a memory clinic.
I began to wonder what symptoms you saw in my behaviour.
Then I recalled the OPP Officer who needed your help to prove that I had Dementia.
That Officer lost his case in the Williamsburg Courthouse: I recall telling you this.
The last heard about him, was that he has PTSD and needed time off.
He assumed I had Dementia.
When he had me interviewed, I hadn't slept for over 24 hours.
Sleep-loss looks like Dementia - However it is not Dementia
Copies attached
A) Letter from Service Ontario
B) Pages from my Blog about the accident
C) One page from my blog about Sleep deprivation

The French Revolution ~ History Channel

Lessons for the Revolution in the United States today

To understand Mr. Trump

Please listen and Learn.

BBC Documentary 2015

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Sen. John McCain ~ Putin the 'most important threat, more so than ISIS'

Putin the 'most important threat, more so than ISIS'

While overseas in Australia for security talks, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is “the premier and most important threat, more so than ISIS.”

“I think ISIS can do terrible things, and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith, and I worry about a whole lot of things about it,” McCain told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. in an interview today.

“But it is the Russians who are trying, who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy, and that is to change the outcome of an American election,” he said, referring to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“So I view Vladimir Putin ... I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have,” said McCain, who serves as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Kushner asked Russian ambassador for back channel on Syria and other policy matters
Trump praises Australian universal health care system at meeting with prime minister
When asked about the reports that Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner sought to set up back-channel communications with Russia about Syria and other policy matters, McCain said, “I don’t like it. I just don’t.”

“I know that some administration officials are saying, ‘Well, that’s standard procedure,’” he elaborated. “I don’t think it is standard procedure prior to the inauguration of a president of the United States by someone who is not in an appointed position.”

McCain’s comments come after Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly’s interview on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, in which Kelly said it would be “both normal ... and acceptable” to have back-channel communications.

McCain was one of the few senators to reach out to Australia after President Donald Trump’s January phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in which Trump got upset over an Obama-era deal between the countries for the U.S. to accept refugees from Australia.

In a statement on Feb. 2, McCain said he called Australia’s ambassador to the U.S., Joe Hockey, to “express my unwavering support for the U.S.-Australia alliance.”

McCain was warmly welcomed to the Parliament of Australia today in Canberra, and he laid a wreath at the Australian War Memorial.

PBS NewsHour full episode May 29, 2017

Trump and Merkel - 2017-05-30

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau was tugged between dual loyalties spanning the Atlantic Ocean as he committed Tuesday to working with the United States and Europe for the economic good of all Canadia
In the end, he sided subtly with Europe, in the stormy transatlantic rift that emerged between the continent and the U.S. following President Donald Trump's debut at the G7 and NATO summits.
"We will always work together and highlight the shared values that are equally important on both sides of the Atlantic, including in the United States," Trudeau told reporters as he wrapped his trip to Italy, following his appearance at the two summits.
He also pledged his ongoing support for the Canada-EU free trade deal and a commitment to fight climate change as ways to create jobs.
Though Trump is no fan of liberalized trade or climate change accords, Trudeau made clear he would defend the merits of both by continuing to argue — as he has tried to constructively with Trump — that both are good for economic growth.
"The way we can work on that together where we have discussions, where we agree, is going to continue to be based in openness, in frankness, in robust exchanges," said Trudeau.
But it was in a speech to Italy's Chamber of Deputies that Trudeau unleashed his most severe public criticism of Trump to date, said Stephen Saideman, a foreign relations expert at the Norman Paterson School of International Relations at Carleton University.
Trudeau noted the anxiety created by "the twin forces of technology and globalization," and said those forces can be harnessed to help deal with problems like climate change.
"Leaders who think we can hide from these changes, or turn back the clock, are wrong," Trudeau declared.
Saideman called that a clear criticism of Trump, one that aligns Trudeau with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's post-summit disappointment with the president.
"It's sort of putting Trump into the dinosaur category," said Saideman.
"He's been resistant to being pushed by the NDP or by members of his own party to speak out strongly against Trump. Now we see him taking a cautious stance, but still a pretty clear stance."
Merkel suggested there has been a disappointing shift in relations between Europe and the U.S. after the continent couldn't reach a climate change deal with Trump at the G7. Merkel said the time had come to for Europeans to "take our destiny into our own hands.
Unlike Merkel, who faces an election later this year and won't win votes if she sides with Trump, Trudeau must build bridges with the mercurial U.S. president because Canada is economically intertwined with its No. 1 trading partner.
Canada will join the U.S. and Mexico at the bargaining table later this summer to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Saideman said the Trudeau government can still tend to its all-encompassing economic relationship with the U.S. by continuing its full-court political press on all levels of government, including the two houses of Congress.
"The reality is most of the damage that Trump can do, in terms of trade, can only be done with the consent of Congress, so Canada's in good shape because they've got allies in Congress."
Trudeau also found himself offside with Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels, prior to his arrival in Italy. Trump blasted 23 of NATO's 28 members for not spending enough on the military alliance to meet its two-per-cent of GDP target, a group that includes Canada.
The government presents its long-awaited defence policy review next week, but few are expecting it to contain a major spending boost.
Dave Perry, senior analyst with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, said he doesn't think Canada will be making any changes to the document after the NATO summit.
He predicted strained relations between NATO and the U.S. going forward, but suggested that Trudeau is still well placed to act as an "interlocutor" between the two groups because he still has a more constructive relationship with Trump than most other leaders.

Merkel warns Trump he risks isolating the U.S.

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The Greatest Lie EVER

They Are Hiding GOD

What is Compulsive or Pathological Lying

Pathological Lying

// Kati Morton

How to Spot a Lie

Former CIA Officer Will Teach You

People of the Lie

The Hope for Healing Human Evil


Murder in the United States

Truth be told - Watergate - Nixon under fire

Truth and lies ~ (Trump?)

The Last Word - John F. Kennedy's 'finest moment'

John F. Kennedy's 'finest moment'

JFK - Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside

Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside the tiger.

Donald Trump And U.S. Seen As Clown Show

"Seen As Clown Show" ?

Trump has a dangerous disability - George F. Will interview MSNBC

Trump has a dangerous disability ?

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Friday, May 26

Documentary Evidence 2008-9 Scanned. Denise and Don Relationship.

Documentary Evidence 2008-9 Scanned. Denise and Don Relationship.

Mr. Brar and  Francyne [Denise Wesley]
Never any threats what so-ever.
Perjury, is seen in the documents signed by Denise, and Don has copies of everything.
This email is dated December 29, 2009.
It is now January 17, 2014 and Don has not received any share at all.

Denise had her own property and Don His.
Together they were a millionaire-couple!
Don was evicted from his own Castle and without his belongings also.
He did have a spare set of underwear with him.
From Home to Homelessness, and
Denise didn't care.
What did she tell the Family.
[See the above and then come back for the rest]

 Denise and Don lived together, very comfortably with Don for 45 years.
Who messed around, with his thyroid supplement pills?
An overdose nearly killed him and made him miserable to live with.
Strange under-answered questions here.
Why did Doctor Lundell, say Denise would kill Don?
Compulsive narcissism?  

Don's Prescription -  Enough to kill him?
June 18, 2008.
Denise was disturbed by his behaviour.
Double his dose of today January 2014.
Don on two evenings while Denise was at home with him, he called an ambulance to take him the local hospital. Pain was so high it was thought he was suffering a heart attack.
Possible thyroid rush. Perhaps another ground up pill in his evening Tea?

Was it Dr. Naimi or Dr. Cruvellier?

Don's second Lawyer takes over.
admits there is a marriage Contract.
Then he takes over and makes all decisions without Don's consent. Wow!

Don's second lawyer miss-represents him
and without Don's consent
sells Don's personal property

Theft by wife-or-husband is the crime, with help from Francyne
and his two sons
Michael and Steven

 Don reported his lawyer to the Barreau of Quebec.
His lawyer also said, Don's Sons
Maybe guilty of Fraud.

The Judge who made the Final decision, was never told the house belonged to Don.
Nor shown, the Court copies of the Marriage Contract and the Deed of Sale.

Don has the objective evidence needed to prove
Denise lied in several court documents.

Had the Court acknowledged as one Judge did,
the case would have been moved from the Family Court [Rules and regulations]
to the Civil Court.

Don has considerable evidence that reveals the corruption in the Court system somehow!

Please see

I was listening to Donald Trump lecturing in Saudi Arabia - I fainted Twice in two months due to PTSD's flash-backs.

I fainted Twice in two months due to PTSD's flash-backs.

Winchester Hospital - Ontario - Canada

An Entry - May 26 , 2017

The floor where my bed was

Feed Our Children First

Thinking alone needs food
No food no effective thinking


Why aren't we more compassionate

Being fully aware of a person is Love.
The opposite is indifference

Daniel Goleman  at TED

Moral Wounds

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Faint


A Borderline Personality Disorder in your soul-mate is  living in hell for you

Denise, my soulmate wife Denise Wesley has BPD
I found out, when her mother died, that she was abused as a child.
My military shrink, said she would kill me.

A Poem wrote itself in my Mind.
I was very sad at that Time.  ~  2010
Read it below.
I have also included a video of what a
Therapist has to about BPD

My personal experience and psychology knowledge;
Tells me Donald Trump has BPD

I am looking at my home; a picture below; and my heart is still hurting.

And he died; someone had silenced him.

She cried for a second

My Home I grew for my wife and Children

I am looking at my home; a picture; and my heart is longing.
A quiet life in my own home with its trees and garden.
The home that bloomed around us providing for our needs
A home that didn't criticize me and waited on our needs.
A living home that creaked and groaned and never tripped me up.
She cried for a second.
The sun is shining and my heart is hurting.
I'm sleepy but bed is miles away.
I should have let you kill me but I couldn't say OK.
He tried to stay alive; oh how he tried.
I held his paw and looked into his eyes.
And he died; someone had silenced him.
I'm trying to stay alive; oh how I am trying.
I am looking at my home he is looking back.
Who is that someone; that someone whose soul has faded far.
Is it her who plays with matches and doesn't care.
That someone who cries for a second.
And then returns to say she didn't know.
My father in heaven I must confess her soul has left.

Punishment & Revenge in Borderline Personality Disorder


Secret 0001

You cannot have a universe without the mind entering.