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James Hillman lectures and interviews

Published on Sep 5, 2014
My favorite parts of some of James Hillman's best lectures and interviews. This man is the most radical psychologist of the last 50 years, a master of his vocation. It is truly a gift to hear what he has to say, as well as to see him say it. I also recommend reading his vast and varied literary works as well as listening to his amazing audio recordings.
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James Hillman - Fathering the Boy Inside

This is an exclusive recording of the 1988 Minnesota Men’s Conference. Register and attend the next Conference by visiting
Founded by Robert Bly in 1984, the Minnesota Men’s Conference celebrates the telling of old stories, the gifts of poetry and music, and opening our hearts to grief, wildness, and joy. We all have a yearning for lives of richness and meaning; this five-day conference is a unique opportunity to enrich ourselves in a community of other men.


James Hillman - the Soulless Society

James Hillman, drew me away from Psychology


The power to Influence is found in Beauty - Beautiful Nature and in Living things.

The power to Influence is found in Beauty.
Beautiful Nature and in Living things.

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Mysticism ~ Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox

Everyday I collect ideas that interest me; for my many moods and other reasons.  Then on unexpected days I put a few...  together and a new story appears with this "different-context" that draws in other good minds. Everything grows organically.

Published on Jun 8, 2013
From: Accessing the Mystic ~ Science and the Sacred
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Jack And Jill - Nursery Rhymes

Study these lessons at slow rate of seeing the truth.

Published on Jul 22, 2015
Check Out the BEST Nursery Rhymes Compilation from Kidscamp
The Fun World of Nursery Rhymes is here! 27 Min of happiness for your Babies, Toddlers & you!


Bad arguments... analogies are working on young Christians.

Published on Jul 22, 2015
Episode 1655
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