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Creating culturally sensitive care homes

May 26, 2017

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Eliminate “Unconscionable Injustice” from our Court Organizations

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February 7, 2016

Since July, 2015, when I last wrote,... the situation I described as 1,2,3,4 ..  below has shown some remarkable changes: Maybe to be seen by the public ~ soon.  Thank God for that.

A) I found a Home to live in.

B) My un-happiness disorder has become a Happiness

C) And I found justice in a local Court.

D) I found an empathy-filled woman, who is the Crown Prosecutor for the Police summons which said I was responsible for Accident in February 2015. See what happened

E) I told the Judge I was innocent and the Crown Prosecutor was happy ~ God interfered with the erroneous Police investigation. The Judge acknowledged no-one showed  up to prove what the Officer and One witness declared happened. Wow!  I know because I was the witness that did show up before the wonderful Judge.

F) The public, according to The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC] finally agrees that the 'Society of Police Officers' needs to protect with much more learning and  effort; the citizens. God Bless our Police Officers

G) Perhaps  for first time: The guy who hit my vehicle from behind was trying to kill me.
H) The Crown Prosecutor even referred to the Officer as  as a Bully. This sad for him; but he has to learn his lesson; so the other few nasty Bully's can also learn the lesson 

I) Remarkably, several Psychologists have now explained, to those needing this information: how some trauma plaintiffs seem to lie; when in fact, their Brains store the true  traumatized portion of their Brain; in with-in space of our bodies One Brain.
This changes How PTSD really works in the bodies Brain and the Mind, which does control the whole Brain. Please Remember the Mind is the collective Mind; so this a very big change.

J)  Now, sexually abused women can now explain the true exlanation[story] is complete and a very different story that is still incomplete.  Two separate locations are different locations and have two different personalities that can speak to us at different times: just seconds apart.

K)  Physics does explain how one single kick into 100 or more Tons of a bag of balls gets felt as... 
L)  One single kick into the butt which is covered by pants

All this happened in 12 months. Wow!

Until soon...
Don 2016

M)  My PTSD symptoms have returned given the behavior of the Officer who attacked like a Bully when He alone summoned me to Court: I had to wait 12 months just to find me 'not guilty'
What one error can do.
Loosing My Home in Montreal is caught up in the back-log of cases. Service Canada itself is 900 days behind. Quebec is even more behind

Welcome back, who ever you are.
I wrote this post, back in 2011.
I forgot, is was me who created this lesson for our Nation - Canada.
To see more of the "Thinker" Stories.. follow this link below.
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Don 2015

If we, as a Nation[Canada],
 Are going to eliminate “Unconscionable Injustice”
From our Family Court System,
Something has to make it happen!
It is the aim of this Blog called INNJUSTICE,
To be such an agent of change!
A Preface:
I write this post, both, as a victim of the Injustice of the
Family Court System, and as a life long Systems Architect.
I am angry, but not to the point of "Sin."
To say "God is never angry" or
"God should never be angry"
Is to say that God shouldn't be angry when

Innocent people are hurt or killed,
Or that he shouldn't be angry
That the Holocaust took place.
Or to say that God shouldn't be angry
When seeing the Injustice systemically
Produced in our Courts of Law.    Don Wesley

About Change:

  1. What is preventing "change" right now?
  2. What are the barriers preventing change?
  3. Tragically, formidable barriers to making such changes are powerful forces.
  4. Companies simply fail and go into bankruptcy if they fail to produce good products;
  5. Not so in our Courts!
  6. The barrier is not one of scarce financial resources, as one might reasonably expect, rather it is an intellectual barrier; a barrier of thinking; a barrier of the mind.
  7. Why are our responses to date so apparently impoverished?
  8. What is the nature of these barriers to injustice?
  9. This is what I attempt to direct some light upon.

Types of Barriers to making Change:
  1. Accidently reinforced barriers - [available in a few days]
  2. The Edge efect -  [available in a few days]
  3. The Visible Evil - What makes people go wrong? Here are very excellent internet sites that provide great light on the issue of EVIL!

The "Change" Problem:  
  1. Modes of thinking
  2. Overcoming the thinking barriers
  3. The Edge breaking Strategy
Over the next few days I will add to this paper on a daily schedule.

Donald John Wesley (Copy right 2011)
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1998 Memory - Hydro Outage - Quebec - Ice Storm

Hi and welcome. My name is Don. Someone revisited this post a few moments ago.
I'm re-posting now: January 15, 2016

I'll be 83 in April.

Don and Denise Wesley - Circa 1985
This story was also recovered from the Internet
February 18, 2011.

Denise - Last Year

12 Jan 1998  Several Days of Hydro Outage in Quebec!

"Our house lost power at 4 am, Tuesday last week. On Wednesday, anticipating a very long outage, Denise and I connected 150 feet of garden hose to the hot water heater (natural gas energy) and turned the thermostat to very high. We snaked the hose, over the floor of our rec-room, and placed the end in a drain. We then adjusted the water flow, to a trickle. The room heat moved from 45 to 62 degrees. We slept atop the hose which felt like a large hot water bottle and warmer than the room.
Oh yes we had hot showers too.
We used a semi-charged 12 volt snomobile battery to supply power for two 12 volt 20 watt halogen bulbs. The power gave up on the fourth day. We used a small table top stove (Butane) to heat soups, tea and coffee. The transistor radio tuned to the wonderful CBC was also present. We will remember this storm and the memories should be invaluable. We also trust the knowledge gained will lead to better management of Hydro system and the emergency resources in the control those who are well paid to govern.
I purchased a Honda generator in 1970, because of the frequency of power outages (especially during sleet storms) at the time. The Hydro started a costly, but wise, tree triming program which seemed to add the needed reliability to the power system. So I sold the "as new" generator four years ago, on the assumption that the wisdom of management was still present. Was it a poor assumption? I think so!
I would not purchase another generator because, getting enough gasoline for several days usage can also be difficult task.
The noise it creates and having to house the generator from the freezing rain are additional problems.
Gas outages are rare, so I'll plan on using natural gas or propane, for emergencies in the future.

Happily for us, Hydro power was connected on saturday and has been maintained since then.

That afternoon we also had the joy of taking in an elderly couple, who were without power. The husband, an invalid in a wheel chair, was being cared for by his wife - a remarkable woman of eighty years. Their's is a story of wisdom, strength and beauty.

If anyone would like some technical help please reach me by email and I'll reply quickly -

May the grace of the Master above be with you all - especially with those less fortunate than ourselves. (12 Jan 1998)"
Don Wesley, Dollard des Ormeaux, Montreal West Island. (H9B1C5) 
My Home with Denise Wesley