Tuesday, September 30

Photons Corpuscles of Light - Richard Feynman on Quantum Mechanics

Hello my name is Don Wesley.
I bring this older lesson from Feynman here,
because he refers to "Corpuscles of Light.
Light is also referred to as Love/Plasma.

I need some explanations here.
The whole universe as one big Soul?



"May I have your approval" are words that I have thoughtlessly failed to ask you.

 It is October 1, 2014 and I feel the need to revisit
this post of love and light.
Don Wesley.
To My Grandson Tristan Wesley
February 06, 2014.    

Dear Tristan,
"May I have your approval" are words that I have thoughtlessly failed to ask you.
Forgive me.
I will not talk down to you ever again.
You are an equal member of the family of Don and Denise Wesley.

As a family who believes in the words of Christ, our love of his moral standards are supreme.
We are called to do the best for the family.
A relationship-family seems to be negotiable.
The foundation of such a family system seems too-weak to last thru stormy weather.
As the Elder in the family,
I'm the Captain of our Ship, as old words of wisdom declare.  
All decisions are approved by the family alone.
No courts involved.

If we wish to abandon the idea of a
Christian-Family we can agree to that also. The benefits of staying together should be carefully considered.

I love all of you equally
You are all very special  and we shall have no favourites.
We are obliged to care for one another in times of need. Until death do us part.
If you find yourself without your very own home, our home is guaranteed to be here for you always.
All living members of our family would have to agree to sell this Family Home. I bought it for us until death alone... did us all part.
I worked a life time to furnish it and build it, loving every moment of doing so.

Just a soon as it is returned to me, you Tristan may live here too.

Grandpa, speaking for Grandma too.


Narcissist as a Compulsive Giver.


Narcissist as a Compulsive Giver.  

I finally have found a Lesson that explains with Amazing clarity
How Denise behaved while with me, and After.
She needed to show off her power; so she sold my family home to give it away. She did this in little ways before she changed her personality, by giving to everyone in her circle of friends. Then, when she changed into the personality; that hated me, she went for the jack pot. She has a need for money and gives that away also. It was my money she gave away.
I still love her, but hate what she has done to me