Saturday, October 11

My Pilgrimage to Ted – Don Wesley – June 24, 2013.

See a movie about John  below here!

Born: June 17, 1703, Epworth, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Died: March 2, 1791,
London, United

“Locked out by the Religious Establishment of his day, Wesley became the central figure in scores of outdoor rallies across Britain. He supplied words and music for gatherings so stupendous as to make a modern “Jesus Festival” look sadly shallow by comparison. His sound system was his God-given lungs. His power line was plugged into heaven itself. Armed with these apparently primitive tools, plus a fistful of books, he travelled an incredible quarter of a million miles (mostly astride the spine of a horse).
And everywhere he raised his voice, the sound was certainty! To a society fat with pride and pomposity at the top and starved for bread and truth at the bottom, the assurance of this diminutive Englishman exuded everywhere altered the course of an entire nation and catapulted into orbit a movement which still persists today. To miss the exhilaration of exposure to the life of Wesley is to rob yourself of one of the most unique reading experiences it is possible to enjoy.”

John Wesley – Basil Miller – Dimension Books
Bethany Fellowship, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota

John Wesley - Christian Movie

If a light switch is found on a wall, is it likely a Light exists that uses electricity?

If a light-switch is found on a wall, is it likely a Light exists that uses Electricity?  For Thinkers; starting with children.

"God" alone, uses Magnetism to create Plasma Light Energy at a High Voltage; so I think it is wise to answer Yes to the question.
Your toe-nails grow and your Brain has two computers: one parallel and the other serial; one on the right and the other on the left and they solve problems together to keep you safe and feeling like Heaven exists.  
We use his free energy and don't need a carburetor made of zinc, a poison.
And we are free to think for ourselves and not be slave to anyone.
The problem we do have and are not overcoming... is Man-made suffering.