Friday, July 3

Evil is everywhre - To Denise Wesley - A 3 Page Letter

In two days I will be homeless again.
I'm very tough, fearless and kind: just like the military needed from a young Officer of the Crown. I was 18 when they promoted me to the Officer level in the Hierarchy of social order. It was in the winter of 1952.
 KIND, FEARLESS AND VERY TOUGH and a great lover of women.
I believed in One only Soul-mate in all my life times on earth.
I adopted (1) son before we were married - Christopher John Wesley.

I too, could have been called Baby Jesus.     I was born on a cold spring night on April 17, 1933 - Easter Monday. Christ Himself was born on April 17th - 6 BC?
What has been done to me, is an Injury from without me, by something or someone.
It is not a Mental Disorder.
The Original Letter was sent January 10, 2010. 

God is not in you, until you believe Christ is the truth

He is a "Present" for us; now and in,
 the never ending future.
With hope, ....
I bring you Monica Dennington, to convince you: we have no time to waste.

She is the best, the most honest and trustworthy person who has convinced me.


 Lord, keep her alive and full of passion.