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Homeless to Harvard Full Movie

It fell into my hands September 23, 2015  at 8:15 PM



Homeless to Harvard  ~  Boston
Published on Dec 26, 2013
It's a heart touching story of an inspiring person named Liz Murray. Watch it, and feel it..
Thank you..


All Wesley Children

Two more of my Grandchildren

Stephanie and Zayne

Look for Don

At Golden Lake

Love or the Enemy ~ The Electric Universe

 I returned Him to the water he lives best in ~ home



Death ~ A new beginning ~ Or returning Home ~ Decide before dying

Philosophers have said we must decide before passing away for a short trip and repeating the same life over again. Socrates for example!
If you have had a near death experience; you may want to go back to where you came from: Home. [NDE]
Live your life believing in Christ and never come back as a human to here on earth; you may return as an appointed Angel; like my ex-wife Denise.
She did meet Lucifer and became a fallen angel. 

At 19, I had an out of body trip and I loved it; a thrilling time. I returned too quickly, because I thought I might not know how to return to my body here on earth. I felt no fear while flying above Montreal with all the neon-signs advertising all the dancing clubs, movie theatres and sex clubs all night long.
 We could see the big splendid churches in the daylight; where we could get forgiveness.

At night, Montreal was sin city. I didn't join the sinful; but I watched them and controlled my behavior most of the time. Flying above it all was a feeling I can never forget; heavenly flying.
God had given me the physics of light; the florescent wave light, that carries us to heaven for a peek and back here on Earth. [NDE] I made the decision to die the happy way. I have no fear of death, except the fear of not living with God and Baby Jesus; and all humanity.

I was only 19 at that time and had yet to know what hell felt like.
Now I can reveal to you the feelings of both worlds.

The worst sickness is evil; it chokes what wants to live:  evil ~ live.
Decide before you die and choose whether to get back home with Our Creator and his family mansions.




 Billy Graham knows the antidote for the evil-mental sickness. See Below for Billy

I am 82 now and really questioning the idea of death.
Thank our creator for those who have experienced [NDE] near death experiences; which I have includes here and below....











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