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Fathers Defend them!

Fathers !
Defend them!

Oldest existing men’s/fathers
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Donald John Wesley

About Loss of Family and PTSD-Depression and Being in a State of Love

“Families, are the basic unit of survival for the World.”
When our children were in their teens, [70’s] I would often sing songs, at the week-end supper table. I had always hoped they would join me singing, but they didn't. I was thinking about our future as a family, and Kindness, Awareness, and Emotions, and Being in a State of Love, and Denise and me with our family.
“Love-Mysteries” came into my mind  at this moment in the world. I'm thinking about the world-family and the trouble it is in! I think it wise, to consider how people are not joining  Terence McKenna & Rupert Sheldrake, in the numbers they should be!
My kids nor my wife joined with me to sing. They did listen, if they wanted the great meal that had been prepared, by their Mother. I think there is lesson with moral about living a good life here.
I am 10 years older than Terence McKenna & Rupert Sheldrake, and never smoking or ingested “funny stuff.”
But we should be listening, because these guys “are” the wisdom we need
Don Wesley
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"These are the songs I sang at the time."

 "Song -  If You Go Away - Patricia Kaas"

"Song -  Frank Sinatra - If You Go Away

"Song - Ne me quitte pas – Don’t leave me

A Talk - Terence McKenna & Rupert Sheldrake
Forms and Mysteries