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Keynote ~ Elyn Saks, J.D., Ph.D. - Living a Productive Life

Living and very Productive ~ Elyn Saks, J.D., Ph.D

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Life Published on Mar 8, 2012
MacArthur genius award recipient Elyn Saks has written extensively about the
rights of the mentally ill. She has also written at length about her own bouts with serious mental illness. In this very candid interview Saks, who is a tenured
law professor at the University of Southern California, speaks with ...........

Happiness - Nirvana - Heaven

Happiness - Nirvana - Heaven 
Even a Dog seeks these three

Thinking and Thoughts

Gestalt ? Old unfinished Stories
Maslow ? Needs left behind
Games People play ? Passing Time
Why doesn't it stick with us ?
Well, we live with other thinkers with differing needs
Conflict's do arise - War ?
Problem solving ?

Living in Both Worlds
Soul and Prayer
Rules of Behaviour
Extreme Weather annoyances 

Life automatically generates Problems
What can we do ?

We need a variety of Friends Nearby
Old Letters
Now Internet and Cell Phones

Where are the kids ?
House Keeping
Gathering Food and Water
Fecal Matter
Heat and Wood

We are Gods Orchestra and we need skilled musicians.

Musical Instrument's need to be Tuned.
We are Gods Orchestra and we Need Skilled Musicians.
Healthy Bodies and Minds live Beautifully.
In the Presence of Such Beauty...
The Ill recover and Re-New.

My In-Laws Loved Me too.

The Factories I designed and Managed
Ran like tuned Orchestras
All loved the goods we produced

We Knew Our Customers were very Pleased.
I managed with God watching.
All our suppliers were Happy too.

I thought all in the world felt the very same way.

Until 1966.

Here is an example of a Drum Factory I designed and Built
I never managed this Plant
I did manage two others

Another Factory I RE-NEWED