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Physiology of the Adrenal Gland

Physiology of the Adrenal Gland

The pituitary gland explained

life after death

World's TALLEST MAN to have ever lived

Robert Pershing Wadlow

World's Deadliest - Crocs Kill with Strongest Bite

World's Deadliest - Crocodiles

When I think life is tough for a Human:
My heart cries for the crocodiles "Meal"

How did Doctor Lundell become part of the Wesley Family story? Shocking, Horrifying, Fascinating

October 25, 3013.
This is a first edition and will  be modified for grammatical corrections soon.

How did Doctor Lundell become part of the Wesley Family story? And how do the time-lines correspond to the Divorce file of June 9, 2013?

Denise and I both chose to accept Christ and submit ourselves to God. We took lessons and observed each other for a year and felt strong attraction to each other, and then.....
We signed a Marriage Contract [before Marriage] which declared this.
On the 11th day of April 1964, Denise Claire Prevost, became Denise Claire Wesley.
They became One item. Parents.

September 24, 2013.
“I received a letter from "Service Canada National Benefits Services," it states that I, and Denise Wesley, lived together from April 11, 1964 to June 9, 2013, and that during that time we both contributed to the Quebec Pension Plan.”
This was impossible - she left on the 24th day of December 2008.
How could any Judge issue such an unconscionable Judgment?  Risking his own Job!

Years earlier....
I was asked, by my children’s elementary school Parents School Committee to become its Chairman.

From this position, they felt the need to be represented at the School Board Level.  The position at this higher level required a catholic parent. I was a Protestant with Catholic Children and a wife who is catholic.
My wife wanted her husband, me, to be the Chairman. So, she did everything possible in the Community to make it happen. She was raised to the level of Eucharistic minister at our local church.
The Baldwin Cartier School Board... managed the schools, both French and English.

My world view was based upon my choice of Christ. What Church I went to was not important and I signed a letter to this effect.

I now... no longer belonged, to the United Church of Canada. 
Steven, my son was being taught in the English school and Michael, my son, in the French School.

When we were married, she Denise, vowed she accepted me as the head of the family.
Then.... the children still began to have their own ideas, of what was right or wrong.
When I disciplined them, she  Denise, my soul-mate, found fault with my interpretation of Gods laws.

She called a very young Priest into our home to set me straight. She laughed about my reaction to him. Becoming, very annoyed I showed him the Door.
After all... she married me and not him I believed.

My duty to rebuke my children, when they sinned was being challenged. Unknown to me she asked the United Church if they could get help for me and the children. They suggested Doctor Lundell. To keep her happy I accepted and all three children and me and Denise attended his investigation of the ‘Family Dysfunction.’

It wasn’t long before he told me ..... told the answer was simple – “Denise had to let me be the head of the family.” Denise engaged her own French psychoanalyst, and left the sessions with Doctor Lundell, a Psychiatrist.

A year later or more, Doctor Lundell, told me, he saw enough " anger" in Denise, to predict [without any doubt] that she would kill me.

Years later she abandoned the idea of God. I became aware of this, ever so slowly. Deception was involved. She was working with other women, who had already decided to solve their problems by leaving their husbands and entering into a relationship.

She once told me, that I would find few today ...who believed in the idea.... that there is a God. Here and in the Now. The Holy Spirit. 

However... I knew... The Laws of  God super-cede the laws of men.

Years later....
At the church service for her Mother’s death. I was informed by her nephew, that family secret was now known; Denise had been abused as a child by her Father. Please see the following investigation by a psychiatrist of such a child. Be warned; it not easy to see, but you must.... if you care to be aware and understand, where Doctor Lundell was coming from. His job was to find the different personalities within the many.

"Child of Rage The FULL Documentary"
Shocking, Horrifying, Fascinating


Because my rights to due process have been denied me, I must go public.
I found the Courts of Justice in Montreal. However I found no justice there.

This Christmas will the sixth without a word from my family. 6 x 365  =  2190 days

At the age of 17, I entered the military training corps and was commissioned as an officer of the Crown at 19, by the Head of the commonwealth – Defender of the Faith.
The Family is the basic unit of our Social Order. Our moral structure must not be left in the hands of men, to be decided by elections. Marxism is a destructive idea, not yet proven by anyone.

 What I can reveal to you is that .... ....
I lost all my belongings, savings, and property and so on, somewhere in the Court processing system.
Process is more important than the Person, in some parts of Canada and the U.S.

Is there corruption in the Court processing?Evidence of Corruption has been seen.... by the writing of cheques in Canada Revenue, it seems.
(Don Wesley)

 At 2:30 AM on Dec 24 [Xmas Eve]
I received a PDF letter as an email, from Denise, saying goodbye.

You can see this letter and my reply at my website, which I created, especially to record the many stories which make up the whole complete One Story, indivisible.
The whole is greater that the sum of the parts.
......    Broken Dreams - Xmas 2008, What Happened?

2)    Reply to Denise's Dear Don Letter - Court Document - Mis-leading writing added.

"Bruce Lipton - Power of Belief & Responsibility"

"Bruce Lipton - Power of Belief & Responsibility"

Published on Dec 24, 2015
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Published on Nov 26, 2014
This was after Bette had four strokes within two weeks, which very nearly wiped her out. She talks about her heartbreak when her daughter wrote a book in the same

mean spirited manner as the one Christina Crawford wrote about her mom, Joan.

Please click "Show More" for interesting information concerning her daughter.
The following courtesy of Wilipedia: ""In 1983, after filming the pilot episode for the television series Hotel, Davis was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. Within two weeks of her surgery she suffered four strokes which caused paralysis in the left side of her face and in her left arm, and left her with slurred speech. She commenced a lengthy period of physical therapy and, aided by her personal assistant, Kathryn Sermak, gained partial recovery from the paralysis.During this time, her relationship with her daughter, B. D. Hyman, deteriorated when Hyman became a born-again Christian and attempted to persuade Davis to follow suit. With her health stable, she traveled to England to film the Agatha Christie

mystery Murder with Mirrors (1985). Upon her return, she learned that Hyman had published a memoir, My Mother's Keeper, in which she chronicled a difficult mother-daughter relationship and depicted scenes of Davis' overbearing and drunken behavior. Several of Davis' friends commented that Hyman's depictions of events were not accurate; one said, "so much of the book is out of context." Mike Wallace
rebroadcast a 60 Minutes interview he had filmed with Hyman a few years earlier in which she commended Davis on her skills as a mother, and said that she had adopted
many of Davis' principles in raising her own children. Critics of Hyman noted that Davis had financially supported the Hyman family for several years and had recently
saved them from losing their house. Despite the acrimony of their divorce years earlier, Gary Merrill also defended Davis. Interviewed by CNN, Merrill said that Hyman was motivated by "cruelty and greed." Davis' adopted son, Michael Merrill, ended contact with Hyman and refused to speak to her again, as did Davis, who also disinherited her.
In her second memoir, This 'N That (1987), Davis wrote, "I am still recovering from the fact that a child of mine would write about me behind my back, to say nothing about
the kind of book it is. I will never recover as completely from B.D.'s book as I have from the stroke. Both were shattering experiences." Her memoir concluded with a
letter to her daughter, in which she addressed her several times as "Hyman," and described her actions as "a glaring lack of loyalty and thanks for the very privileged life I feel you have been given". She concluded with a reference to the title of Hyman's book, "If it refers to money, if my memory serves me right, I've been your keeper all these many years. I am continuing to do so, as my name has made your
book about me a success." ""

(Note: Her first memoir was "The Lonely Life" published in 1962. I have just finished reading it - very well written and gives an in-depth look at Bette's straight-forward,
no-nonsense, 'Yankee' persona but at the same time shows what a generous, intelligent, and loving person she was. I recommend it highly....Gladstone Girl2)