Tuesday, August 30

How Canadians have been betrayed by Canada's morally corrupt family court... systems


"Prime Minister Stephen Harper claims to his fellow Canadians and to the rest of the world that Canada is a country that all Canadians are proud of. He claims that he has the "team" that is capable of protecting the income and opportunities of all Canadians.
This video starts with the testimony of a young mother who lost everything she ever worked for in Canada as a result of the family court system. . .
Before fleeing persecution in Canada, this mother wanted her testimony to be recorded to help in the struggle to end the injustices perpetrated against the Canadian people and to restore justice to the Canadian family court system.
This young woman's uncle was a judge in a Toronto court and she was raised in the belief that justice existed in the Canadian family court system. Her dreams of having justice in Canada have been shattered and her relationship with her child destroyed by a child protection system gone not only BAD but MAD! Other testimony from other Canadians is added to this video as part of an ongoing project to provide testimony from a cross section of Canadians. "

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Toronto criminal defence lawyer, Mr. Walter Fox speaks before Police Services on the topic of how government funded women shelter advocates have effectively bypassed the democratic process using inquests to make their own hidden agenda the law .