Tuesday, May 17

---- Homeless Again ---- God, please help me ----

Within in month I face being homeless once again.
I wonder, when I will find relief from this cycle of hurt.
Will I find the spiritual strength to survive again.
Will I see Kindness instead of Cruelty.

Victor Roth, what God asks of us and a Friend to Me


 May 12, 2011.

Victor Roth, an extraordinary example of what God asks of us.
I have known you for Seventy Years

What comes to my mind this morning is that you didn’t “reject yourself” but you rejected what others were trying to impose on you.
This thought about you is remarkable to me. You took ownership of yourself and I am amazed at the results. You are an extraordinary success.
When I reflect on your life as I have come to know you more, I am truly proud to know you.
You have lived a truly good life.
You have everything that is precious to a family life; everything that I now have lost. You have a Home and a beautiful Family and a Job that is very important to the functioning of a local community Organization, where you are recognized for your excellent work.
In my mind you are what God wants you to be, unique and perfect. You would be a remarkable Freemason.
Vic, please accept what I am saying as the absolute truth of what I believe about should be said about you.
You Victor Roth are perfect example of what God wants of each of us.
Brotherly Love
Don Wesley - May 12, 2011.

Saturday, May 7

CANADA RCMP "Please come to our rescue"


My Home

Don - My Home my  Family Stole From Me.

Saturday, May-07-11 - To my Diary
In this Blog there are many references to “Homelessness,” which for any normal person is a most deprived and horrible way of living; from “Home to Homelessness.”

One only has to listen to the daily news to learn of more people who are moved from “Home to Homelessness.” We learn that there are agencies that come to the aid of victims finding themselves devastated by horrendous powers that destroy and rob them of their homes. Who and why people are moved from “Home to Homeless” bring us to the NEWS to find the answer to satisfy our curiosity.

The next questions for NEWS, include what agencies are being deployed to aid the Victims and what kind of process unleashed the devastating power to destroy/rob/kill.

This brings me to focus on our Family Courts and the victims it creates. Everyday hundreds of victims are evicted from their own homes into homelessness.

This is a process in our Family Courts which operates without ever stopping; sunrise after sunrise. And it is paid for by the victims themselves. The victims are even charged with government taxes. And to add more bad news to this story, there are no agencies which automatically come to the aid of the victims; no help what so ever. And even more strange is that no NEWS agencies report the daily devastation that our Family Courts are creating.

This is a real problem and it is not new to us and so it is no longer NEWS.

In Canada alone, there are approximately 80,000 family court cases processed each year or 300 cases daily. Any other natural disaster with 300 deaths (Deaths by a thousand cuts) would be covered by WORLD NEWS Agencies. But our Family Court disasters are manmade disasters, not natural.

This little NEWS agency, a Blog, calls this court processing INNJUSTICE. It is unjust because we have a “Right” to live in our homes peacefully and no force shall evict us. But a court judge does so every day without a drop of conscience or a thread of remorse. And then our homes are sold without our consent and this FRAUD. And because Fraud is a crime, we need a police officer, to make an arrest.

Getting an officer to do so, is almost impossible. I know this is true. I am one individual who has been robbed of my Home.

It is not only Fraud, but is also Elder Abuse, another crime because, I have just recently entered my 79th year on this planet and I am an Elder.

I was made an officer of the Crown in 1952 at the age of 19. I committed myself to be a 100 percent perfect officer who would defend Canada and its citizens.

And I thank God am still here!
I will never forget.
Read this Blog for more explanatory essays and conversations.

Friday, May 6


From: "Don Wesley" <donwesley1933@live.com> To: "Victor Roth" <vroth@comcast.net>, <CC>
6:04 PM 06/05/2011.

God Bless you Vic for your realistic remarks. I know that I am a good man and have long been so, before I became a Mason. It is the secrets of my heart. And I strive to become even better.

Thank you for your remarkable insight. You too strive to become a better man. GO >>> http://innjustice.blogspot.com/2011/03/grand-lodge-of-quebec-grand-secretary.html

I love honesty and deplore evil.

Denise did tell our family Priest early in 2007 (over lunch at 6 Hazel) that she married me because I was “the kindest man she had ever known.” I married her because she made me feel the joy she expressed in being with the kindest man.

Denise had a strongly repressed second personality which, I was told would emerge and “kill me.”

It is killing me now with A DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS. Denise now expresses, in that personality, pure evil.

It also saddens me that my Brother Doug doesn't have the remarkable insight that you do. He is filled with vices and not enough virtues. 

His words to me (in my call to him) were pure evil.

I became a military officer because I believed ever so strongly that I must defend my country Canada.

Doug was at Camp Borden (1952) with our Mom when I graduated to a “Military Officer.” Doug never congratulated me, my Mom did.

His Father was not Sholto Douglas, but was a young officer.  His father was the Head of the British Air Force at the start of WWII. A man who demanded one hundred percent perfection.

I remember when my Mother told me that the young officer, in the picture could have been my father too. She then tore his picture in two and thru it into the waste basket. He was dressed in his Sam Browns. This was an evening at her Coolbrooke apartment; we were alone. I always new that Doug looked just like the picture. I know his name.

Those who I have led in business gave me nothing less that one hundred percent perfection. In training as a young officer I demanded nothing less and got it. I made a very good living selling my “knowhow.” Men with great power paid me very well for my honesty and ability to do good things.

I just saw President Obama deliver his solemn thanks to the troops. Military perfection!

Defending the wonderful U.S.A.
GOD BLESS AMERICA for the wonderful nation that it is!

Vic, my profound love’ I express to you.

From: vroth@comcast.net Sent: Friday, May 06, 2011 4:33 PM To: Don Wesley Subject: Re: What is Freemasonry? -- 5 Min. Film

How could Denise not recognize all the virtues that you have by being a Mason. You truly are a good man, as a representative of Masonry.

 ----- Original Message ----- From: "Don Wesley" <donwesley1933@live.com> To: "Victor Roth" <vroth@comcast.net>,  < Sent: Friday, May 6, 2011 11:23:58 AM

Subject: What is Freemasonry? -- 5 Min. Film

Hi Vic and C.... The following site is an excellent video which explains the wisdom and beauty of Freemasonry. It is very easy to listen to and very well prepared video. Please let me know that you have seen it; you won't regret watching.


Love (Care and Aware) Don