Wednesday, May 17

Two of my children

The Victim; as revealed in the Video  Below

Don Wesley

My Wife is the Leader

Two of my children involved

Steven John Wesley Caring for Michael

Michael John  Wesley

Michael did this evicting work - A crime!
He said to me
"You are OK now and will be OK tomorrow"
I got back in the car, [I was forced to live in] and took this picture: His truck is right there.

Steven was here for final finishing of making me, his father ~ Don Wesley, his victim.
He told an RCMP Officer (over the Phone they had to sell, because I had no savings.)
It wasn't their Home, but they sold it. (Fraud)

His Car, with an Ontario  Licence Plate is right here.
At this time, he was a Psychiatrist.
I was 77 then ~ Now I'm 84.
What the hell is going on?

I'm smarter than you Pose !

Just like Michael

Can a child be a psychopath

A nasty child

One Magnet Bar ~ giving Life to every Brain-Seed in the World

One World - Magnet Bar

North and South

The Saint Must Walk Alone - A. W. Tozer