Saturday, July 30

2013 to 2016 - Some walk for an 83 year old man

If you feel a need to help this old man - or Me

I'm a victim of Non-State Torture for just over 5 years now.
This is just another essay,
for my diary.
Something for me to think about.
 You can observe and study for yourself,
who ever you may be.
Some may feel angry for a while
I feel very Sad.
I offer this with-out prejudice.

Denise has made known her story;
 in the court records, for all to see. 
We can all change our story or stories.
I love her deeply, as only some can understand.

My story is and has been consistent.
Posted to my blog diary [In the sky] 
If, I'm wrong, then who knows.

I hoped, until today, all was over and
I would find  relief and the money owed to me.
And have new meaning in my life.

I want to hurt no one and have no intention to do so. And certainly not Denise.

So who, I ask you, is responsible for using the powers that hurt me?
The powers are only available to the court judges, who must rely on honest records, provided by honest officers of the court.  A lot of funny mistakes are made!

I know Denise was hurt as a child, as I was. We needed help to learn how to heal these wounds. I only became aware that Denise had been hurt as a child, when her Mother passed on.
We spent our life time, being truly kind to each other. Too perfect and too kind; both impossible but we tried.

Sad when we failed and sometimes
a bit frustrated and angry.

-- -- -- --

The option of separating became real, for Denise, when I planned to use my "excess-savings", stored in my adequate wealth and obtained a special-new -line -of-credit. My wealth, included my home and it's contents. My working area as well, where I created "Know-how" to sell and make a living.

Denise, held my new MasterCard secured by my wealth, because she seemed to feel more secure financially. I trusted her to do what I wanted her to do with my wealth. "Only" the interest needed to be paid; the very lowest interest rate.  
Denise, had her own wealth and her very own MasterCard, backed by an equivalent wealth. She asked one day if she could give Michael, our son, $20,000.00 that he demanded he needed to but his own home.
She put aside money to make some home improvements.
This money came from the Federal Supplement when I became 65 and when she became 60. All that money she saved. She saved a lot because and spent very little. My castle was fully paid for and there were no outstanding bills.
I bought and installed all things new and technological.

We felt, we would never separate our oneness; not ever.
Wow! Soul-mates, content with their oneness.

She left me, to live alone on Christmas Eve of 2008. I can never ever forget how much she hurt me. I forgave her long ago. But the wound is for ever. Her letter of explanation is there for all to see. We had succeeded living together for over 45 years. There is my letter of reply, which has yet to be made public. It had a remark added that I didn't add, and found it way into the court records... ... ... !

I just want justice, before I die.
For me and Humanity.
If this is considered harassment, then where do "I" find justice for the continuous and escalating abuse that has injured me? A what about humanity that awaits new hopeful jurisprudence, in family matters.

I attempted to get my complaints accepted by police, at many levels, in two provinces and was denied.  They were treated as incidents, with no action to be seen.
Some with compassion knew the hell I was going through.

One special Lady Judge, I did get to hear me. She did accept to change an error in the earlier records,  that said there is "no" marriage contract, when in fact there is one;  and told Denise to leave my home and take all her clothing and nothing more. She was forbidden to enter my private area of the home.

What happened?

Two weeks later, I was evicted from home.

Months later -

Several Officers of the law suggested I get the Fifth-Estate program to investigate these  "incidents of alleged crimes." I did ask them several times! Several lawyers said I was misrepresented. Others suggested I inform the Bar association; I did.

It is here on my blog to see. Please remember I started this blog while living in my car in Ontario, in the middle of the winter. I was evicted from my own home, by a court order that was founded-on-lies.
I wasn't irresponsible at all.
I had no other option what so ever.
I went to the RCMP in Ottawa and they called my son Steven who told them that they had to sell the house.
"The house is my castle, and I never consented to sell it." I suggest to you my friend who is reading this, that "I" Don Wesley, have been abused in an escalating manner called Legal Abuse Syndrome. You see the lesson interview on YouTube.

TODAY on this time-line essay

I just received a letter from "Service Canada National Benefits Services,"
September 24, 2013.

It states that I, and Denise Wesley, lived together from April 11, 1964 to June 9, 2013.
and that during that time we both contributed to the Quebec Pension Plan.

From where I sit, and without next of kin, to curate these thoughts and facts, here is what I see and explain hereunder.

What other options do I have?
Do nothing!

1)  Denise, left me on 2008, December 23, with all my cash money, and using a "home owners loan - master card" with a limit of $90,000.00. We have a marriage contract and she didn't follow it. If she had, the divorce would have been over in a day, before a Judge in the Court, sometime in 2009. It now 1013!

2)  On July 31, 2009,  Denise, with the help of Michael and Steven Wesley, our two sons, [From Ontario] and with the help of Francyne Lange, took possession of  "my castle" and all its contents, which they sold without my consent. I was forced to leave my home with just the clothes on my back, and given 15 minutes to do so. The Bailiff, was surprised, when I told him this was my home and not one I had rented.  
Moving along the time-line
This I believe is known as theft under the criminal code of Canada, Section 322, [Theft by Husband or wife] 
My lawyer, some time later told me that my sons probably had committed fraud.

2a)  From that day until now, I am moving and without my home. Living in a base Camp.

3)  To this day September 27, 2013, I have not received any support from Denise nor any rent, nor any money from the fraudulent sale.  It is my home [Wealth, not cash] My life savings. It is now stolen property.

4)  I believe, that what Denise wilfully did, is also known  as - Criminal breach of trust Section 336.

5)  I did not receive a Court notice to appear and present my defense, and copies of the missing documents, on June 9, 2013. There is a Marriage Contract and a Deed of Ownership and a Deed for the home-owners loan, all which were missing from Court records, when I last visited the court a year earlier.  All these missing documents I approved many years earlier. Many other important documents are missing as well. "I was told they weren't needed," on the day, I was also told that I now represented myself again. My lawyer was gone.  
"I knew the missing documents were needed, if the Judge was to deliver a conscionable judgement."

What happened here, needs answers it seems.

Why didn't they call me to the court, as promised?   

He could have sent me a summons or even a police car to get me.

7)  At that visit, I was told that from that day forward I represented myself, and would be advised when to appear, and to be certain that I provided the documents, 10 days in advance of the final divorce judgment. Steve Annabel was with me at the time.

8)  I have learned, that I was divorced June 9, 2013, contrary to my original defense; which stated that no divorce was needed. All this happened without my being there!

9)  I delivered to the RCMP in Westmount all the documents alleging the crimes I saw. March 15, 2012. I discovered the criminal code that could apply.

10)  I am not a lawyer.  I can't afford one, and I live in Ontario. What has happen here? Please help me. I'm being abused by the overwhelming force available to Denise and Francyne.

11)  I believe Denise lives in Gaspe Quebec. Where and how can I summon her to the criminal code for questioning?

 Too sum all up.

12)   Denise, inherited her Mother's home in Ste. Agathes- des-mont, Quebec. She didn't need my home. My home was where I create know-how or intellectual products, which I sold for a living.
I wasn't feeble minded nor physically feeble either, but they said I was, and said I didn't need my home. They seemed to suggest even a bit crazy.  I have been tested and I am not crazy. A fast talking intellectual yes and not bi-polar.

Frustrated and sad yes, but not trigger-angry and certainly not BLP. Denise has all six of the symptoms of  BLP. Including the need to kill me, when she didn't love me.

13)   Denise, by way of Francyne sent me emails instructing me about what I should do, to get my money; just obey her lawyer. I have all these emails and others to sent Brar, in Ottawa.

14)  I have never ever abused Denise, nor anyone else.
If you see or hear that I did; it is a lie!
If anything, I'm being abused and it has been escalating since the beginning of the Dear Don Letter, and un-ending. I'm experiencing Post Trauma Injury symptoms. Having trouble thinking logically!

15)  Most important of all. -  The court orders are based upon many affidavits with lies.  It is the lies that hurt and injure. The foundation of the plaintiffs case doesn't pass the test of truth.

16)  I think the whole process is unconscionable.

17)   "Oh lord, my God, is there no hope for the widow's son?"    My masonic prayer to the Most High.

18)   My Bank - The BMO, has said divorce of the elderly is insanity.

Need more information,
Contact the full time investigator,
A former Officer of the Crown.