Tuesday, December 30

We are here to Care - Prepare to work - Use Energy, Knowledge and Wisdom

 We all need to care
and not just until the end of one of
our many shifts.
On the next shift, you may be our Chaplin

 Be fully aware of what we have, that needs care.

Where is it ?
What work needs to be done ?
How perfect must it be ?
What does Care mean ?
How long must I care ?

Hi and welcome to my Blog.

My name is Don Wesley.
I am 81.  

Remember, that your last life ended and this is your new one ! There is new work to be done.

Love everyone and they will love you.

Welcome to the Team.

This post
December 30, 2014,
is my nights work.
Don Wesley.

*  We elect someone to provide care and we must care about who we elected
*   Not to care, isn't fair. Bring love to them; they need the energy.
*  Their work is very heavy and they must do what is best for us.
*  They must be Prudent and work with 100% kindness
*  There is much to learn about the process of doing care work
*  Always be kind and remember there are degrees of kindness
*  Your caring work can be seen by others
*  Bring the energy you receive to do your work 
*  Be 100% Kind and don't rush thru the work needed
*  All energy is called love.
*  It comes from the Electric Sun
*  The Sun is cold
*  Knowledge, members need to be confident is provided.
*  You can't do your job if you know-not...
*  Who and what is it for.
*  If one of the team is ignored he/she will feel hurt.
*  They too, grieve love loss; Even anticipating loss
*  Real or imaginary loss, hurts them
*  Their need is work for another brother or sister.
*  And someone must provide it ... with Love

*  They, the ignored can use-up their patience love
*  Their un-used energy can used for nasty behaviors.
*  If ignored too long they may get pissed off
*  Enough to kill.
*  Kindness
*  Awareness
*  Good is not good enough
*  We must do the work!
*  Must, is not ought-to
*  Make this your Virtue ?
^ Get rid of all the bad Habits you have -Vice
Don at 10, reading
Science magazines
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Monday, December 29

I have filled Bezalel with divine spirit, with ability, intelligence, and knowledge in every craft

"Everyone is valuable to God, Maybe God hasn't call us to preach, but were given some ability to serve"

We are gifts to each Other

For my Sweetheart Denise.
Don   -  Christmas Eve December 2014.


Denise said in 1989;
"We are gifts to each other"
Don says today,
"We didn't promise to take the Others property"


Soul, Solitude, Music and Soft Light

Hi everyone and welcome. My Name is Don Wesley. Christmas 2014 has just left us and I feel like I'm grieving. They say it is better to talk about it. So I'm repeating this email from 2/23/11. If you feel sad, then I know you have compassion, and are kind. You are part of the 20 percent who behave this way. I lost everything and my whole family including my dog, in 2009. This happening first occurred on Christmas 2008. One person lit the metaphorical fire. She lost her mother that year and lit the fire of hell for me. She is part of the 80 percent who passive aggressive.
My Blog is all about Evil. Hold on to your favorite pet.

I can add that Nicky my dog, would approach me, at  my studio desk,
and so quietly nudge me with his nose.
I swear to God Serge, I felt his two nudges on my left leg
 as I watched your video with Stinger.

This has happened many times to me Serge; it is so spooky.
 I am attaching a picture of him just because I have to.
He died at my right leg, while in the car with me;
he had been poisoned, two days after I had received a death threat by email.
I have always believed it was a B.....  that arranged his death.
I was evicted from home two days later.

I held his paw as he drew his last breath while gazing into my eyes.
It was midnight just outside of Tim Horton’s, 2009.
 I cried for an hour.

And yes the physics of light and our shared working experiences are relevant here.

Light travels forever; we talk about stars being thousands of light-years away.
This not folklore; this is physics; hard science.
And with you I need only mention “Integrated Lighting Limited” you and I and Jarislowsy;
a company which I started to uniquely deal with the light in the architectural sense.
The great big projects we experienced back in the 1960’s; wow too.
You and I met Denise while I was President of Integrated.

While alone for so many years working in my office and studio (as you are now) I would create videos of pictures and soft music and label them, Soul, Solitude and Soft Music.

With great sorrow, I lost Nicky, my Home and My Granddaughter Zayne.
Serge we cannot forget what travels for ever and that is light, and we receive it in the ‘Mind.’
When think of it in that sense; I can re-say Soul, Solitude, Music and Soft Light.

From: SH
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 7:57 AMTo: Don Wesley
Thanks Don;
I guess your words describe the moment beautifully. It's time like those that bring great joy to me. In his simple way Stinger now provides the inspiration for much of what I do. On mornings like last Sunday I stand and stare in amazement at the contrasts that I see. There before me I see an animal that possess great power. You can see it in his muscles as he stands there sniffing the air and listening to the sounds around him and, I see it as he moves, from his slow ambling walks to his bursts of bucking and occasional rearing. And I see his gentle side when he stops and looks at me from across the arena and then comes to me to rub his nose against me shoulder. They are special moments the he and I share. Each day is a moment of discovery, a new journey.
I'm tied to my desk today trying to prepare a supportive document. The people that I work with at Metalumen are not lighting people. The business evolved from a "tin bending" shop into a lighting fixture maker. The engineering staff is drawn from CAD operators with absolutely no lighting experience. Go figure. These people are supposed to design lighting instruments without any understanding of the physics of light nor for the appreciation of the impact lighting has on architectural aesthetics and human response to the environment.
So I must return to my toils

I just watched it on Facebook. Wow.
My comments:
Soul, Solitude , Sunday and Spirited Music.

Precious Serge, just precious.

Correct the causes of evil in the home - Vanier Institute of Family

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The "mind," different from the "brain is a reality" so we do have a reasonable explanation for two methods of receiving thoughts from other beings.

I spent part of this morning perusing the book in my library (what is left of it) ‘Man and his Family’ by Wilder Penfield, President of the Vanier Institute of the Family. Vanier being the former Governor General in the 1960’s.
In our daily email conversations with one another we are I think, acting as family members. I quote from several of his thoughts:
  1.. “The inter-relationship of the brain and mind is very close but, when all is said and done, I am forced to believe the mind has a means of controlling the brain.”
  2.. “In conclusion, the family is the citadel of society. Let me repeat: There has never been – and I believe there never will be – a durable society base on any other system other than the union of man, woman and child, and on the fidelity to that unit.” 

  3.. “But one thing I know – the place to correct the causes of evil is in the home, not in the courts of law, not in the prisons.” 
  4.. “There is a crisis in the family. It is time for men and women to take action. We can control our civilization.”The above thoughts are central to The INN of JUSTICE.

Until soon,
Aware of and caring about you

Don Wesley



"Light years of thoughts to fifteen minutes" by Don Wesley

Serge, thanks for this morning’s chat; it is brimming with unusual thinking and writing.

When I realize that it is some 375 years since the moon returned to its same geometric position and the refracted sunlight baths it in shades of red.  Those of us in the northern hemisphere saw it at 1:30 AM last night. 
Then, I think of 2000 years since the birth of Christ and we still try to understand his thoughts.
Time in one sense seems to separate thoughts.  While at the same time we recognize that thoughts can travel through space forever. Relativity determines which view we are talking about. We know this from Einstein’s work.
You and I ponder what thoughts Stinger, your horse, has in him for us. Only one of the two possibilities seems reasonable to consider. What is so special about thoughts we can’t see, but know exist the bodies of other intelligent beings.

The "mind," different from the "brain is a reality" so we do have a reasonable explanation for two methods of receiving thoughts from other beings. I can refer you to another post which explains more of this type:  ..  http://innjustice.blogspot.com/2011/01/place-to-correct-causes-of-evil-is-in.html

Prophets and Saints from centuries back put some of their thinking into written words and these words continue to sell books today.
Yet, light or photons travel for ever; we talk of planets being light years away. As an example, I remember playing with a crystal set and hearing radio stations miles away.

What I’m getting to is that we don’t know if thoughts are in our heads or not; no more than the radio station was in the crystal set.   And are the thoughts in me now really mine or thoughts from light years away?

And thoughts, within ‘the me in me’ are what are overflowing to you now.
I offer the following thought; let us ponder the thoughts that have been flowing to us from sometime away for they appear to be knowledge of wisdom that continues to flow to us cyclically.

Until soon, Aware of and caring about you
Don.   www.google.com/+donwesley

Sunday, December 28

The Touch of Love

Just my first dance with Denise,
Made me very curious about teenage type young women:
Smart and polite




Undisputable Proof of God - our One and Only Creator

Hi and welcome. My name is Don Wesley.
I love this lecture 1 hour and 20 minutes
A child who grew up to be even more intelligent.

"Molecular Biology 101 and Philosophy and Good Food."


Published on Feb 1, 2013
Based on the New York Times Bestseller: " The God Delusion by
Richard Dawkins
The response book: "The God Delusion: A Believer in God's Response"

is now available:



Saturday, December 27

Does God Exist - Kirk Durston, Ph.D.



The Higher World we also live in.

Some with memory problems forget there is a higher world.

1965 - I put him back in the water,
because he didn't

Believe who I was, and where we lived.
My Angel Denise was with me.
When I was two, I talked to God 24 - 7.
Even at 2 we are not stupid. We know he has to live somewhere.

Any child would believe this fact.
When we grow into adults, some say this is bull-shit.

I have been touched by His love also.


Who among us are smarter when we are young. Then something strange happens when we get to be adults?

Some proof that the young know more than we do 
 6 years old

5 years old



Friday, December 26

Will some veteran criminal investigator feel shame for not solving a case given to her/him where all the objective evidence was written into the victims Blog before he died?

It is now the day after Christmas... to be remembered as December 26, 2014.
The "past" I have written about is, the criminal abuse I have felt, since 2008 and about my Life from Home to a State of Torture called Homelessness.


I'm seeing these "present" days, a new so-called group of amateur reporters on YouTube...

Talking about how the "cost" and hurt the Homeless... are burdening the public minds and pockets.
The real evil however goes much deeper that just the simple idea of "cost" and being homeless. This is a subject that goes further back than the Bible does.
New technological gadgets like wireless phones with Microsoft software, have brought tiny very interesting games to play.

Games that are puzzling fun to play and talk about.
Un-like the games of the past like Monopoly, [Boring and put back into the box] these
phones are connected to the internet, where at the other end, busy writers create little easy changes which are downloaded into phones to keep us interested in playing for ever;
and us continuing to pay forever,  month by month for ever at some $70 per month. Are we crazy to buy such silly ideas, while ignoring those who are really hurt with scars
 and minds forever damaged

Adults play these games, which keep us dis-tracked  from the more complex and interesting criminal abuse that keeps growing. Like what I have revealed in this, my Blog, the Inn of Injustice.

"Evil" in all it types and forms is the basic major world wide Force, which counter-acts the force of  love, the energy of God to enable everyone [if they choose] to be kind to ourselves and to others when needed.

We will come to realize, that life will be cruel... and we can't get through it without the help of others.

In Marriage we make that solemn promise to help each other for ever, even after we die and are buried. Life in part is smooth sailing; but any Captain knows there will be violent storms. The male in the Home is Captain of their ship and the woman is his first mate. The Captain is the last to leave the sinking ship.

This idea of loving, is a more stringent path to follow; it is strait and narrow. I believe after a long period of thinking and discussing that our best chance to have a life of love and contentment, is to place our faith in the safest mathematically calculated answer.

My choice is to choose,  ... the idea of the only God who sent his Son to tell us, what suffering in this one bad world is all about and what the antidote is.
Ships have been around before the 60 stories in the Bible who were written by the wise people and constantly re-checked by Historians for the truth to be constantly challenged, unlike the principals and laws of science.

A law is like a cookbook recipe, with precise instructions and measurements. It will never be ignored; but new recipes will be created which may have a short useful life.
The past two days did see me getting some help and giving out some older wisdom, strangely unknown to todays distracted game players.


 [   Knowledge in every craft he gives us   ] 

Tuesday, December 23

Super Normal Beautiful kids.

God, Family, My Wife, All Children, Holding the Hands of those Suffering.
And My Parents who molded my Happiness
That is me, Don Wesley. I'm 81 and spend my time looking at pictures of Children and Kind people. It keeps my Eyes wet.

I have many Kind People who known me.

Please Go the very bottom of this post and see Super Normal Kids.