Thursday, December 8

The Three Litle Pigs (3 part Story)

Build a weather proof Home

White House Press Briefing, with Press Secretary Josh Earnest

Press Secretary Josh Earnest

What A Wonderful Child ~ Children's Choir

Lord of all Creation

Children's Choir

Mary, Did You Know

Mary, Did You Know

The White House ~ NSTAC Member Meeting

Member Meeting

Nancy Drew - the teenage girl ~ Detective

My first reading Books, were about Nancy Drew.
I was 5 years old. (1938)

She was the kind of girl I intended to marry

Nancy Drew - the teenage girl ~ Detective


President Obama saved Jobs by keeping General Motors alive.

One of the most respected experts on corporate bankruptcy in America, was the architect for that plan.

Our Leader; found and hired the architect

General Motors Manufacturing

'Canada Oshawa' ~  GM Assembly Plan